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The Best Hiding Places For Prop Hunt In Nuketown ’84 (Holiday Edition)

Here are the best hiding places (and glitches) in Nuketown '84 (Holiday Edition). How do you hide in a map that been around for more than 10 years? Easy, you get creative.

Since Nuketown was introduced in Black Ops I, it has become a fan favourite. 

Nuketown is known for its second to second epic moments and its fast-paced action. 

The map's layout has remained unchanged over the years, yet its aesthetic has changed with every iteration.

From the classic All-American suburbs of the original, to a more futuristic look like the one we saw in Nuketown 2025 from the beloved Black Ops II.

Even the Russian's got a turn at it with the snow-covered version of Black Ops IV, known as Иuk3toши.

Black Ops Cold War carries the tradition some 10+ years later. 

This year's Nuketown known as Nuketown '84 received an early facelift at the start of Season 1. 

The holiday version of this fan beloved map is the one that is featured in Prop Hunt. 

Therefore many players are asking the question. How do you hide in a map that has been around for more than a decade? 

Especially when most players know the map like the back of their hand.

Best Hiding Spots In Nuketown '84 Holiday Edition

Which location you choose from the list below, will depend on which prop you have been dealt.

We are showing these spots being done with the Holiday Wreath Prop, but know there are other small "Props" that will work with these hiding spots as well.

Some of these places could be considered a glitch, since much of your prop will be completely hidden.

1. Glitched in the Fridge  

Glitched in the Fridge Prop Hunt Nuketown 84 Holiday

By the "C" Flag, there is a small collection of fridges. 

These Fridges are there to stop players from looking all the way into the spawn. 

On this spot, you can "hop and lock" the Prop in mid-air then rotate it until you are completely concealed. The enemy will never find you.

2. The Shady Spot

The Shady Spot Prop Hunt Nuketown 84 Holiday

Our next location is also near the "C" flag. Using the same method as the one above. 

You can jump and lock in mid-air and rotate. However, for this one, some part of the Prop will still be exposed. On the other hand, the lighting is so dark in this version of Nuketown so you will be able to get away with it. 

3. Behind the wood

Behind the Wood Prop Hunt Nuketown 84 Holiday

This next spot works amazing with the Holiday Wreath Prop. This one that you should always take advantage of when you get to be this specific prop. 

No fancy tricks here just make sure the prop is parallel to the wall of the house and you can "Clip" through the Plywood concealing your location. 

4. Find Uncle Sam

Uncle Sam Prop Hunt Nuketown 84 Holiday

Using the same techniques as the last one "hop & lock" then rotate until you are out the sight of the enemy player. Trust us they will not expect you to be there. 

5. Find the Corner Plywood

Corner Plywood Prop Hunt Nuketown 84 Holiday

For our next spot, we are going to over to the "A" flag by the plywoods.

You can lock the prop in mid-air and then rotate. Do note that it is pretty difficult to be perfectly flush with the environment. However, the enemy will need both a keen eye and a microscope to find you.

6. Next to the bookshelf

Bookshelf Prop Hunt Nuketown 84 Holiday

On the second floor of the house over by "C" flag, next to the bookshelf you can use the "hop and lock" technique to go into the wall. This is one of those spots where you can hide in plain sight, and the enemy will overlook your position.

7. Glitch in the Trashcan

Trashcan Prop Hunt Nuketown 84 Holiday

The last spot on the list is going to be over by the "A" flag, at the back of the spawn there is a trashcan where you can clip through. More often than not, half of the Prop will be sticking out. It will not matter, very rarely do enemies look behind their spawn.

There you have it; the best hiding spots and glitches in Nuketown '84 (Holiday Edition) in Black Ops Cold War's Prop Hunt.

We will keep updating this list as more unorthodox hiding spots become available. 

Mind the whistle!


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