The Haymaker is by far the best shotgun to put in your Warzone loadout, thanks to its ridiculously quick time-to-kill and fast fire rate!

Although it doesn’t have much range, the Haymaker can kill with just two shots in close-quarters combat. This, combined with its excellent movement speed, make it the perfect weapon for aggressive Warzone players who want to push enemy squads.

The attachments we are using on the Haymaker increase its speed and reduce the pellet spread, helping it consistently get the fastest TTK!

The best Haymaker build for Warzone is:

  • Muzzle: Crown Breaker Choke
  • Laser: Verdant Hook Box Laser
  • Stock: No Stock Mod
  • Underbarrel: Bruen Bastion Angled Grip
  • Magazine: 12 Round Mag

This Haymaker build is especially effective for gunfights indoors. At distances of up to around 5m, you will be able to down enemies before they can even react!

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Best Haymaker Loadout Warzone

Meta Haymaker Attachments

Crown Breaker
• Hipfire Spread ↑↑↑
• Tac Stance Spread ↑↑↑
• Tighter Pellt Spread ↑↑
• Recoil Control ↓↓
• Gun Kick Control ↓↓
• ADS Speed ↓
Verdant Hook
Box Laser
• CQC Accuracy While Sliding ↑↑↑
• Hipfire Spread ↑↑
• Tac Stance Spread ↑↑
• Sprint to Fire Speed ↑
• Laser Visible at Hip ↓
No Stock Mod
• Sprint to Fire Speed ↑↑↑
• Movement Speed ↑↑↑
• Aim Walking Speed ↑↑↑
• ADS Speed ↑↑
• Gun Kick Control ↓↓↓
• Recoil Control ↓↓↓
• Aiming Idle Sway ↓↓↓
• Flinch Resistance ↓↓
Bruen Bastion
Angled Grip
• Hipfire Spread ↑↑
• Tac Stance Spread ↑↑
• Firing Aim Stability ↑
• Aim Walking Steadiness ↑
• • ADS Speed ↓↓
12 Round Mag
• Magazine Ammo Capacity ↑• Movement Speed ↓
• ADS Speed ↓
• Reload Quickness ↓↓
• Sprint to Fire Speed ↓

The must-have attachments for the Haymaker are the Crown Breaker Choke and the No Stock Mod, as they are by far the best attachments in their categories.

Additionally, you’ll need a laser that reduces hipfire spread and an extended magazine. The 12 Round Mag is usually good enough, but you may want to go for the 20 Round Drum if you are playing Quads.

Haymaker Build Warzone

Best Secondary Weapon for Haymaker Loadout

Alongside this Haymaker loadout, you’ll want to use a gun that is suited for mid-range and long-range combat in Warzone. These are the best choices:

Best Perks & Equipment for Haymaker Loadout

Perk 1Double Time
Perk 2Battle Hardened
Perk 3Tempered
Perk 4High Alert
TacticalStun Grenade
LethalDrill Charge

Best Haymaker Alternatives

Instead of the Haymaker, you could another another shotgun or one of Warzone’s many powerful SMGs. These are our picks:

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