The Halloween Cup is returning but with a twist – here are the best Pokemon to use in the Ultra League Edition of this spooky GO Battle League competition.

Pokemon GO’s Halloween Cup is the best place to battle it out with your scary Pokemon and there’s an Ultra League Edition of the competition which has a higher CP limit.

This makes it even more important to know the strongest battle team to use if you want to win and earn all of the GO Battle League rewards in the Season of Light!

Pokemon GO Halloween Cup Battle

Best Pokemon Team to Use in the Halloween Cup: Ultra League Edition

The three best Pokemon to use in the Halloween Cup: Ultra League Edition are Nidoqueen, Genesect (Chill), and Tentacruel. There are plenty of powerful Pokemon for players to choose from but a team consisting of these three will give you the best chance of winning your battles.

Just make sure you know how to get XL Candy in Pokemon GO as you’ll need it to power up Nidoqueen and Tentacruel.

If you don’t have these Pokemon, don’t worry. Here are our top 10 picks for the Halloween Cup: Ultra League Edition:

PokemonImageTypeFast AttackCharged Attacks
Nidoqueen (XL)Nidoqueen Pokemon GOPoison/GroundPoison JabPoison Fang
Earth Power
Genesect (Chill)Genesect Chill Pokemon GOBug/SteelFury CutterMagnet Bomb
Techno Blast (Chill)*
Tentacruel (XL)Tentacruel Pokemon GOWater/PoisonPoison JabScald 
Sludge Wave
Skuntank (XL)Skuntank Pokemon GOPoison/DarkPoison JabCrunch 
Galarian Weezing (XL)Galarian Weezing Pokemon GOPoison/FairyFairy WindOverheat
Play Rough
Forretress (XL)Forretress Pokemon GOBug/SteelBug BiteMirror Shot
Giratina - Altered FormeGiratina (Altered Forme) Pokemon GOGhost/DragonDragon BreathDragon Claw
Ancient Power
NihilegoNihilego Pokemon GORock/PoisonPoison JabRock Slide
Sludge Bomb
OverqwilOverqwil Pokemon GODark/PoisonPoison JabAqua Tail
Shadow Ball
Tapu FiniTapu Fini Pokemon GOWater/FairyWater GunSurf 

So you can teach your Pokemon the most powerful attacks before you go into battle, here’s how to get Elite Fast and Charged TMs in Pokemon GO. Having powerful attacks is just as important as picking the best Pokemon!

Best Halloween Cup Ultra League Pokemon

Pokemon GO Halloween Cup: Ultra League Edition Rules

This GO Battle League tournament only has two rules which limit the Pokemon you can put on your battle team. They are:

  • Pokemon must be 2500 CP or below
  • Only Pokemon of these types are eligible:
    • Bug
    • Dark
    • Fairy
    • Ghost
    • Poison

Just make sure you don’t get this GO Battle League competition confused with the standard Pokemon GO Halloween Cup. The CP limit for the Ultra League Edition is much higher, allowing you to choose more powerful Pokemon.

Pokemon GO Halloween Cup: Ultra League Edition Start & End Date

The Halloween Cup: Ultra League Edition starts on October 27 and ends on November 3. This is during the 2022 Pokemon GO Halloween event.

Players will also be able to compete in the Great League during this time too. Here are the best Pokemon to win battles in the Great League, if you fancy giving that competition a try too.

To see a full list of upcoming competitions, check out the Pokemon GO Season of Light Battle League schedule.

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