The top 10 Ground-type Pokemon for Pokemon GO Raids and Gym Battles are:

Each of these Pokemon is powerful and also has strong Ground-type attacks, making them perfect for fighting opponents who are weak to Ground.

You can find the most effective attacks for each of these Pokemon in the table below. Just make sure you know how to get Elite Fast and Charged TMs in Pokemon GO so you can teach them these attacks!

PokemonImageFast AttackCharged Attack
Landorus (Therian Forme)Landorus Therian Forme Pokemon GOMud ShotEarthquake
GarchompGarchomp Pokemon GOMud ShotEarth Power
Landorus (Incarnate)Landorus Pokemon GOMud ShotEarth Power
MamoswinePokemon GO MamoswineMud-SlapHigh Horsepower
RhyperiorPokemon GO RhyperiorMud-SlapEarthquake
GroudonGroudon Pokemon GOMud ShotEarthquake
ExcadrillExcadrill Pokemon GOMud-SlapEarthquake
GolurkGolurk Pokemon GOMud-SlapEarthquake
DonphanDonphan Pokemon GOMud-SlapEarthquake
GolemGolem Pokemon GOMud-SlapEarthquake

Also, you’ll want your Ground-type Pokemon to be as strong as possible. Here’s the fastest way to earn Candy in Pokemon GO so you can increase their CP and make them even more powerful!

Landorus Pokemon GO Lightning

Best Ground-Type Mega Pokemon

The best Ground-type Pokemon Pokemon in Pokemon GO are:

Both of these give you and your team all of the potent bonuses that come with Mega Pokemon and are also capable of dealing huge amounts of damage!

PokemonImageFast AttackCharged Attack
Mega SwampertMega Swampert Pokemon GOMud ShotEarthquake
Mega SteelixMega Steelix Pokemon GOIron TailEarthquake

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Mega Swampert Pokemon GO London

What Is Ground Super Effective Against in Pokemon GO?

Ground is a very powerful typing as it is super effective against five other types. However, you will want to avoid using Ground-type Pokemon against three other types of Pokemon:

Super EffectiveNot Very Effective
Flying (Double Resisted)

Pokemon GO Ground-Type Weaknesses & Resistances

These are all of the resistances and weaknesses for Ground-type Pokemon:

Electric (Double Resistance)

Even if you know which Ground-type Pokemon you need to power up, you’ll still want to have strong Pokemon of other types. Here are the strongest Pokemon of every type in Pokemon GO:

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