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Pokemon GO – Best Teams for Great League

The great league is a fierce battlefield for competitive players of Pokemon GO. Some consider it an actual test of skill due to its limited pool of Pokemon. If you’re looking to join in, you better be prepared. Here are the best teams for the Great League in Pokemon GO.

If you’re a new player of Pokemon GO looking to get into battling, or a veteran trainer looking to hone their team-building skills, the great league is the perfect place to start. With a 1500 CP limit, strong pokemon are few and far between.

With such a low power level, finding a good combination of pokemon is key to climbing the ranks. But has the “secret sauce” been already discovered? Have players already figured out what the best team is?

Before we dive in, if you want to create a team yourself, here are our picks for the best Pokemon you can use in the Great League!

Pokemon Go Best Teams For Great League

Best Great League Teams in Pokemon GO

The Great League is one of the first competitive experiences you can encounter in Pokemon GO. While creating a team may seem daunting, you can follow a few rules and change teams to your liking. For example, all teams must have as much type coverage as possible to prevent auto losses to players who run counters.

The curated teams were formed from our picks of the best pokemon for the great league. The teams are formed chiefly from common pokemon. Don’t worry about legendaries; you won’t need them in the great league.

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Team 1: Azumarill, Sableye, Galarian Stunfisk

Azumarill (Water/Fairy)

  • Quick Move: Bubble
  • Charge Moves: Hydro Pump, Play Rough
  • Strong VS: Fire, Water, Dragon, Ice, Fighting, Dark, Bug
  • Weak VS: Grass, Poison, Electric

Sableye (Ghost/Dark)

  • Quick Move: Shadow Claw
  • Charge Moves: Foul Play, Return
  • Strong VS: Psychic, Normal, Poison, Flying
  • Weak VS: Fairy

Galarian Stunfisk (Ground/Steel)

  • Quick Move: Mud Shot
  • Charge Moves: Rock Slide/Earthquake
  • Strong VS: Poison, Electric, Rock, Steel, Psychic, Normal, Flying, Fairy, Dragon, Bug
  • Weak VS: Fire, Fighting, Ground, Water

To begin with, this team is an all-rounder composition. It has an answer for everything your opponents can think of. The Sableye and Azumarill are great against the numerous fighting and dragon types in the meta. And, just in case they don’t do the job, Galarian Stunfisk is got you against pretty much everything else. If you have them ready to go and are looking to get into PvP, you can’t go wrong.

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Team 2: Medicham, Drapion, Altaria

Medicham (Fighting/Psychic)

  • Quick Move: Counter
  • Charge Moves: Ice Punch, Psychic
  • Strong VS: Rock, Fighting
  • Weak VS: Flying, Fairy, Ghost

Drapion (Dark/Poison)

  • Quick Move: Poison Sting
  • Charge Moves: Crunch/Sludge Bomb
  • Strong VS: Poison, Ghost, Grass, Dark, Psychic, Fairy
  • Weak VS: Ground

Altaria (Dragon/Flying)

  • Quick Move: Dragon Breath
  • Charge Moves: Sky Attack/Moon Blast
  • Strong VS: Ground, Grass, Water, Fighting, Fire, Bug
  • Weak VS: Dragon, Ice, Fairy

This team is a little hard to pilot, but if you master it, it’s even better than the first one. This team takes advantage of swapping and countering your enemies. All three pokemon attack swift and hit hard with their charge attacks. Their typing also offers excellent coverage against everything. Make sure you keep Medicham in against dragons since he has the only supper effective move against the typing.

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Team 3: Scarfty, Walrein, Skarmory

Scrafty (Fighting, Dark)

  • Quick Move: Counter
  • Charge Moves: Foul Play, Power-up Punch
  • Strong VS: Ghost, Rock, Psychic, Dark
  • Weak VS: Fairy, Fighting, Flying

Nidoqueen (Poison, Ground)

  • Quick Move: Poison Jab
  • Charge Moves: Poison Fang, Earth Power
  • Strong VS: Fighting, Poison, Rock, Bug, Fairy
  • Weak VS: Water, Ground, Psychic, Ice

Skarmory (Flying/Steel)

  • Quick Move: Air Slash
  • Charge Moves: Brave Bird/Sky Attack
  • Strong VS: Poison, Grass, Psychic, Normal, Flying, Fairy, Dragon, Bug, Ground
  • Weak VS: Fire, Electric

This team is a more “budget” version of the second one. It’s easier to create since Nidoran (f) and Skarmory are often rewarded from research, so you have a much higher chance of getting a perfect pokemon. Its primary damage dealer is the fast Skarmory, but it is particularly weak to electric and fire types. Try to switch into Nidoqueen if you’re having trouble in those match-ups. She is also great against fairies, another prevalent typing in the meta.

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