Grass-type Pokemon might not usually look too threatening, but there are still plenty of strong ones to use in Pokemon GO!

Pokemon’s type system is integral to winning battles, as every type has its own strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, in every battle, there will be at least one type that has an advantage.

Some battles may be best fought with Grass-type Pokemon, whether that is in Gyms or against Raid bosses. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the best Grass-types for you to use!

Pokemon GO Roserade Attack

Top 10 Strongest Grass-Type Attackers in Pokemon GO

The 10 best Grass-type Pokemon to use in Pokemon GO Raids and Gym battles are:

  • Zarude
  • Kartana
  • Chesnaught
  • Tangrowth
  • Tapu Bulu
  • Sceptile
  • Venusaur
  • Roserade
  • Leafeon
  • Celebi

To make these as strong as possible, you will want to teach all of them powerful Grass-type attacks too!

PokemonImageFast AttackCharged Attack
ZarudeZarude Pokemon GOVine WhipPower Whip
KartanaKartana Pokemon GORazor LeafLeaf Blade
ChesnaughtChesnaught Pokemon GOVine WhipFrenzy Plant
TangrowthTangrowth Pokemon GOVine WhipSolar Beam
Tapu BuluTapu Bulu Pokemon GOBullet SeedGrass Knot
SceptileSceptile Pokemon GOBullet SeedFrenzy Plant
VenusaurVenusaur Pokemon GOVine WhipSolar Beam
RoseradeRoserade Pokemon GORazor LeafGrass Knot
LeafeonLeafeon Pokemon GORazor LeafLeaf Blade
CelebiCelebi Pokemon GOMagical LeafLeaf Storm

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Also, here’s how to get Elite Fast and Charged TMs in Pokemon GO so you can teach your Pokemon all of these powerful attacks!

Tapu Bulu Pokemon GO Jungle

Best Grass-Type Mega Pokemon

The best Grass-type Mega Pokemon in Pokemon GO are:

In addition to being very powerful, these Mega Pokemon also give a huge bonus to other Grass-types on your battle team!

PokemonImageFast AttackCharged Attack
Mega SceptileMega Sceptile Pokemon GOBullet SeedLeaf Blade
Mega VenusaurPokemon GO Mega VenusaurVine WhipFrenzy Plant
Mega AbomasnowMega Abomasnow Pokemon GORazor LeafEnergy Ball

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pokemon go mega venusaur promo art

What Is Grass Super Effective Against in Pokemon GO?

Grass attacks are super effective or not very effective against these types:

Super EffectiveNot Very Effective

Pokemon GO Grass-Type Weaknesses & Resistances

These are the incoming damage weaknesses and resistances of Grass-type Pokemon:


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