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Best Gifts for an Xbox Fan – Christmas 2021

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If you are looking to impress an Xbox fan this Christmas, here are the best gifts to get for them!

The Xbox family certainly got bigger this year. Microsoft had a fantastic year, with Xbox Series X being one of the most highly demanded electronics this year.

Xbox fans had a great year with Psychonauts 2 and Halo Infinite. The hype for Halo was so high that Microsoft even released a Halo Infinite Xbox Series X console.

This console went out of stock so fast that Microsoft Store ended up sending some invite emails for fans to purchase one.

It has been a crazy year in the Xbox realm for sure. Now it is time to celebrate those Xbox fans we love by getting them the best gifts for this 2021 Christmas!

Xbox Series X S Consoles

Are you still looking for an Xbox console? Here is the best way to get an Xbox Series X console before the Christmas Holidays.

Top 5 Xbox Gifts for Christmas 2021

5. Xbox Gear (Wearables or Accessories)

Microsoft has a fantastic repertoire of game-themed gear for its fans in its Xbox Gear Store. If you want to purchase something on a budget that will surprise an Xbox fan this Christmas, this is the way to go.

This store has everything! You can get Halo Christmas t-shirts, Xbox caps, Halo Happy Halodays Totebags, Gears of War t-shirts, cups, and much more.

Prices are accessible, and all the merch is officially licensed. Furthermore, there are some Xbox fast ship items if you are already late for your Christmas shopping.

Halo Infinite Tshirt Xbox Gear

4. External Hard Drive

The Xbox Series X is an amazing console, but its storage is far from sufficient. The same goes for the Xbox Series S.

If you want to expand that internal storage, it might be way more expensive than what you expect. Fortunately, there is a more affordable way to go around this problem.

Any Xbox fan will be happy to get additional storage in the form of an external hard drive as a gift this Christmas.

You can find these hard drives considerably cheaper than the Xbox Series X Seagate storage expansion cards.

Seagate Xbox Series X S External Hard Drive

3. Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller

This is undoubtedly one of the best presents for an Xbox gamer. It is not cheap, but it does change your gaming experience considerably.

This controller is highly customizable and rechargeable. It offers over 30 different configurations to make it for your playstyle.

If the gamer you want to surprise takes competitive gameplay seriously, this is a must-have!

Xbox Elite 2 Controller

2. Xbox Mini Fridge

This is one of the most curious and cool collectibles Microsoft released this year. Any Xbox fan will be ecstatic to receive one of these mini-fridges as a gift this Christmas.

This Target exclusive Xbox mini-fridge collectible was sold out almost immediately.

Although, some days ago, gamers reported this mini-fridge was being restocked in-store at Target.

Thus, it is a good idea to check if your local store might have some leftover stock. If you want to impress that Xbox fan in your life, this is a solid gift to achieve that this Christmas.

Xbox Series X Mini Fridge Target

1. Xbox Ultimate Game Pass

This is the ultimate gift any Xbox gamer can receive. Ultimate Game Pass is by a long mile the best gaming subscription offering in the market.

Gifting this to a gamer is the equivalent of granting them access to hundreds of games and online play. Even if someone already has Game Pass, the subscription is stackable.

Make sure you get that special someone the Ultimate Game Pass and not the regular Game Pass that does not include Xbox Live Gold.

This one is not so personalized, but it unlocks the true potential of Microsoft’s latest hardware.

Xbox Ultimate Game Pass

These Christmas gifts options cover a wide array of budgets and are the best match for any Xbox fan!

If there is a special PlayStation gamer you want to surprise this year, here are the best gifts for a PlayStation fan this 2021 Christmas!

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