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Best Gifts for a Nintendo Switch Fan – Christmas 2021

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If you want to impress a Nintendo fan in your life, these are the best gifts you can get for them this 2021 Christmas!

The Nintendo Switch has celebrated many Christmas days up to this point. They all have one thing in common; the console has a massive success each time.

Even after so many years in the market, Nintendo reported insane sales figures this 2021.

This sales success equates to a vast fan base backing up the hybrid console. This fandom certainly deserves the best this holiday season.

So, we are here to help you with the best gifts you can give to a Nintendo fan this Christmas 2021!

Nintendo Switch Console (1)

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Top 5 Nintendo Switch Gifts for Christmas 2021

5. LEGO Super Mario or NES

LEGO collaborated with Nintendo and launched a Super Mario collection. If you are trying to impress a young Nintendo fan this Christmas, this is the way to go.

And, if that special gamer in your life is an adult, this is one of the best collectibles out there to gift. The LEGO Super Mario collection is charming and would be a perfect way to decorate your desk or gaming room.

These sets range in price and content, so you will have plenty of options to choose from to match your budget. As well, if you have some extra cash, there is a LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System collection that is impressive!

Lego Super Mario

4. Game & Watch: The Legend of Zelda or Super Mario Bros

The Game & Watch is a tremendous achievement for Nintendo. For any long-time Nintendo fan, this is one of the best Christmas presents they can receive.

Nintendo celebrated the anniversaries of Mario and Zelda launching a Game & Watch. These devices include some games, a clock, and a timer function.

What the Game & Watch lacks in functionality compensates with nostalgia and collectible value. These are a bit hard to find in-store, but online retailers add some stock now and then.

Game & Watch The Legend of Zelda

3. Pokémon Merch

Most Nintendo fans are Pokémon fanatics as well. Thus, making Pokémon merch is one of the best gifts a Nintendo fan can receive during Christmas.

Luckily, the Pokémon Center has an official online store. Their gift offering ranges from plushies to apparel.

Pokémon fans are proud to wear and show their love for the franchise. If you want to impress, give that special friend or family member something related to the Pokémon that is most meaningful to them.

Most fans have a favorite Pokémon or Pokémon type, so this narrows the list of the perfect merch!

Pokemon Center Christmas Plush

2. Nintendo Gear

If you want a personalized gift on a budget, this is one of the best options. Nintendo offers a multitude of officially licensed merch in its online store.

This merch includes caps, t-shirts, holiday sweaters, and more. If you want to go the extra mile, find out what Nintendo franchise the person you want to surprise loves the most and purchase an item related to that franchise.

Nintendo offers an impressive assortment of cool gear from most of its franchises. So, getting that perfect present should be no problem.

Mario Christmas Sweater Nintendo Store

1. Amiibos

Amiibos are a perfect fit gift for any Nintendo Switch fan this Christmas. These collectible figures also have in-game effects depending on the title and Amiibo.

In addition to that, they make fantastic decor for desks, gaming spaces, and anywhere you want to bring a gamer vibe.

There are Amiibos of almost all of Nintendo’s franchises. As well, their pricing is, most of the time, affordable depending on the Amiibo you want to get.

These are cool collectibles for any Nintendo fan. Additionally, it can be an exceptional gift if the Amiibo is from a franchise that is meaningful to them.

Metroid Dread Amiibo

These Christmas gifts options cover a wide array of budgets and are the best match for any Nintendo fan!

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Lastly, if that special gamer in your life is a PlayStation person, here are the best PlayStation fan gifts for this 2021 Christmas.

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