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Best Ghost Loadout Secondary Weapons in Warzone – June 2021

These are the best secondary weapons to use for a Ghost loadout in Warzone.

Staying off the radar is one of the best ways you can get to the final circles in Warzone. And the only way to do that is by grabbing a loadout with the Ghost perk.

However, getting Ghost comes with a major sacrifice. It means you can’t also have Overkill, which lets you put two primary weapons in your loadout.

Don’t worry though, these are the best secondary weapons you can use for your Warzone Ghost loadout, according to True Game Data.

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Best Ghost Loadout Sidearms in Warzone


Firstly, a surprising option for one of the best secondary weapons in Warzone is the Strela-P. It’s a one-hit kill with a direct shot and is very effective against vehicles too.

There’s a reason why JackFrags called the Strela-P the most underrated weapon in Warzone.

Strela-P Warzone

Akimbo M19

Secondly, the Akimbo M19s are the best close-range option for your Ghost loadout in Warzone. They have an absolutely insane time-to-kill within 10m and can even beat most SMGs at that range too.

The Renetti with Akimbo is also basically the same, but just has a smaller magazine size. This makes it a great alternative if you haven’t leveled up the M19.

Check out the best Akimbo M19 loadout in Warzone.

M19 Warzone


For player who prefer a fully automatic secondary weapon, definitely try the Sykov. Despite the pretty huge Sykov nerf, it is still a very effective secondary weapon for Ghost Loadouts in Warzone.

This weapon is best when using just one instead of dual-wielding. It is accurate, fast-firing, and can be equipped with a whopping 80 round magazine too!

They Sykov meta was the worst Warzone has ever seen, but people are certainly sleeping on the gun now.

Best Sykov Loadout Warzone


Finally, the burst-fire Diamatti is another great pistol to use in your Warzone Ghost loadout. It has a good time to kill and is very easy to control, plus it has the added mobility of Cold War weapons.

Find out why Xclsuive Ace ranked the Diamatti as the best secondary in Warzone.

True Game Data

Meanwhile, many Warzone players have been suffering from major lag spikes over the past few weeks. Let’s hope Raven fixes this soon.

Also, a brand new weapon secondary weapon that is perfect for Ghost loadouts has just been added to Warzone. Find out the best AMP64 loadout in Warzone.

Finally, a Ghost loadout also needs a primary weapon too. Check out all of the best meta Warzone weapons in June 2021.

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