To counter Gholdengo in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, you can use the following Pokemon:

  • Arcanine
  • Hydreigon with Fire Tera-Type
  • Baxcalibur with Fire Tera-Type


Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Arcanine
  • Moves
    • Flare Blitz
    • Will-O-Wisp
    • Helping Hand
    • Sunny Day
  • EVs*
    • HP – 150
    • Attack – 160
    • Sp. Def. – 200
  • Nature
    • Adamant
  • Ability
    • Intimidate
  • Tera Type
    • Fire
  • Hold Item
    • Sitrus Berry

*If you need additional information on how EVs work, here is a comprehensible guy on how to do EV Training in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.


  • This Gholdengo counter strategy aims to one-hit KO this Pokemon using Fire Blitz.
  • Even if Gholdengo has a fully EV-boosted HP and Sp. Atk., and has the Choice Specs held item, this build can resist a direct hit of Power Gem. However, if Gholdengo lands a critical hit with Power Gem, it will one-hit KO Arcanine.
  • As well, Arcanine can survive the recoil of Fire Blitz thanks to the Sitrus Berry held item.
  • With the EVs described in this build, Arcanine should be able to defeat Gholdengo with a single use of Fire Blitz unless Gholdengo has any boosted stats or a field effect like Rain is currently ongoing.
  • Combined with Helping Hand and Sunny Day, this build is also great for Tera Raids, just like the one-hit KO Slowbro Nasty Plot build.


Hydreigon Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
  • Moves
    • Heat Wave
    • Tailwind
    • Dark Pulse
    • Draco Meteor
  • EVs
    • Sp. Atk. – 252
    • Sp. Def. – 180
    • Speed – 78
  • Nature
    • Timid
  • Ability
    • Levitate
  • Tera Type
    • Fire
  • Hold Item
    • Life Orb
  • Level
    • 100

Gholdengo Counter Strategy

  • This Hydreigon counter strategy depends entirely on Terastalization with a Fire Tera-Type. Once Terastallized, you can one-hit KO Gholdengo with Heat Wave.
  • One of the first few instances in which this build might fail is if Gholdengo’s Speed is boosted by Tailwind (or other means), and it lands a Power Gem attack while holding the Choice Specs. In this case, you will survive the hit but faint after using Heat Wave due to the Life’s Orb 10% HP deduction. This is a rare occurrence, so you would be fine in most instances.


Baxcalibur Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
  • Moves
    • Tera Blast
    • Icicle Crash
    • Dragon Claw
    • Snowscape
  • EVs
    • HP – 62
    • Attack – 196
    • Sp. Def. – 252
  • Nature
    • Adamant
  • Ability
    • Thermal Exchange
  • Tera Type
    • Fire
  • Hold Item
    • Leftovers
  • Level
    • 100


  • This Gholdengo counter strategy also requires Terastallization. Once Baxcalibur Terastallizes into a Fire Tera-Type, it can one-hit KO Gholdengo with the EVs described above.

Gholdengo Weaknesses

Gholdengo is weak to Fire, Ground, Ghost, and Dark attacks due to its Steel / Ghost type combination. This dual type also grants this Pokemon immunity to Normal, Fighting, and Poison attacks.

WeaknessesNormal DamageResistsImmune
FireWaterGrass (0.5x)Normal
GroundElectricIce (0.5x)Fighting
GhostFlying (0.5x)Poison
DarkPsychic (0.5x)
Rock (0.5x)
Dragon (0.5x)
Steel (0.5x)
Fairy (0.5x)
Bug (0.25x)

Understanding this chart will make countering Gholdengo a much easier task.

If you’re interested in getting your own Gholdengo, here is how you can get the 999 coins required to evolve Gimmighoul!

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