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Best Free ‘Green Dot’ Reticle in Warzone for Better Aim & Accuracy

Warzone players always want to be as accurate as they can – this is the free reticle you should be using to have the best aim possible.

There are a number of skills Warzone players need to have to succeed. Good movement, strategy, and map knowledge are all important, but there is one that is even more vital.

Of course, we are talking about aim. Having a great aim is down to a lot of practice, but there is one way to improve your aim significantly without spending any time.

Picking the right reticle is vital if you want to hit all of your shots in Warzone. Luckily, YouTuber P4wnyhof has found the best reticle to use for your assault rifles in Warzone – and it’s totally free for players who have Black Ops Cold War.

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Best Axial Arms 3x ‘Green Dot’ Sight in Warzone

Previously we revealed all of the best reticles for Cold War guns in Warzone. However, this was before Zombies reticles finally came to Warzone.

Now, YouTuber P4wnyhof has found the most accurate new reticle to use on your Axial Arms 3x scope in Verdansk and Rebirth Island.

It may not be a very common reticle right now, but the ‘Scalpel’ offers unparalleled accuracy. This is thanks to there being a tiny green dot right at the center.

This allows for not only great target acquisition but also lets you track your enemies and line up the perfect headshots.

Of course, you’ll want to be using some top tips on how to improve your aim in Warzone too, but having a clean sight picture will help your aim a lot without any practice.

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Scalpel Reticle Warzone

How to Unlock Scalpel Reticle in Cold War & Warzone

You can only unlock the Scalpel reticle by playing Cold War Zombies. Therefore, you’ll have to own the game to be able to use it.

After equipping the Axial Arms 3x on your weapon in Zombies, you’ll need to kill 500 zombies while aiming down sights to unlock the Scalpel reticle. You can then equip it to your Warzone weapons.

Will you be using this super accurate reticle on your Warzone weapons now? Be sure to equip it on one of the best meta weapon loadouts in Warzone Season 6.


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