Fortnite just got three new modes in Chapter 5 but which one is best for XP: LEGO Fortnite, Rocket Racing, or Fortnite Festival?

If you’re looking to level up the Fortnite Battle Pass as quickly as possible (of course you are, Peter Griffin is in there), you’ll want to know which new mode gives out the most XP.

Alongside Battle Royale and Creative modes, Fortnite players can now enjoy a LEGO survival mode, a Rocket League-inspired racer, and a Guitar Hero throwback in Fortnite Festival.

Here’s a breakdown of how much XP you’ll be able to get from each:

Which Mode Is Best for Farming XP?

Ultimately, the best mode for XP farming in Fortnite isn’t any one mode – it’s a mixture of all of them together.

Fornite LEGO, Racing, Festival Comparison

Thanks to Fortnite’s daily, weekly, and seasonal quests, the best way to earn XP is to spread out your time in each game mode.

The fastest way to level up will always be to complete in-game missions, so you won’t want to miss out on those – particularly missions that grant you a full level-up for completing them!

But after you’ve exhausted all of the day’s missions, what mode should you be playing?

LEGO Fortnite

Time to Level Up: ~30 Mins

Epic Games isn’t revealing exactly how XP works in the LEGO Fortnite, but just by playing it, we can tell that you receive a fair bit during gameplay.

Being AFK in LEGO Fortnite will provide 30,000 XP every 15 minutes for up to 3.5 hours a day. That’s 420,000 XP (or 5.25 levels) that you can earn for doing nothing.

After this point, you’ll be unable to earn any more XP in LEGO Fortnite until the following day.

What’s more, actually playing the mode will increase the rate in which XP is generated. However, the same 420,000 XP cap still applies.

Lego Fortnite player with Tool

Generally, LEGO Fortnite appears to give players roughly a level’s worth of XP for every half an hour of gameplay. And Epic Games has even added a handful of quests for the mode, which instantly add a full level to your account.

Rocket Racing

Time to Level Up: ~20-30 Mins (Depending on Performance)

Races in Rocket Racing only take around 3 minutes to complete, but with loading times and matchmaking, we can bump that up to 5 minutes in total.

One thing that’s important to note is that your position in the race appears to contribute to the amount of XP you can earn through playing. Therefore, you’ll want to shoot for first place each time for more efficient grinding – something that’s easier said than done.

Fortnite Rocket Racing Start Line

In our initial test, we finished first in 6 races, and second in 1, which took roughly half an hour. And in that time, we ranked up two Battle Pass levels.

However, Rocket Racing also gives large XP bonuses for hitting higher ranks, incentivizing people to grind all the way from Bronze to Unreal rank.

We don’t think most players will be able to hit the highest rank each season, but with major XP incentives at each level, making your way to at least Gold will help increase your gains significantly.

Fortnite Festival

Time to Level Up: Too Long

From our testing, Fortnite Festival appears to be the worst way to grind XP, thanks to both the unreliability of teammates and how long songs can last.

After performing a full set list of 4 songs, our Battle Pass didn’t progress by a single level – in fact it didn’t even progress half a level!

Fortnite Festival Results Screen

Sometimes, like when teammates perform poorly or when only one or two songs are queued up, it doesn’t give any XP at all for some reason.

And even more disappointingly, not all of the mode’s quests give Battle Pass XP on completion, instead distributing Festival Points for the new Festival Pass. Therefore, we’d avoid this mode if you’re aiming to grind your regular Battle Pass.

However, you can farm XP while AFK in the Fortnite Festival Jam Stage, by simply playing an instrument on any of the available stages! Like LEGO Fortnite, this will provide 30,000 XP every 15 minutes for up to 3.5 hours a day.

Battle Royale

Time to Level Up: 20 mins-1 hour (Dependent on Performance & Challenges)

Despite Fortnite’s abundance of new modes to choose from, Battle Royale (or Zero Build) is still one of the best ways to farm XP.

For a single Victory Royale, you can easily earn 50-60,000 XP, which will help you level up almost every game. But of course, that’s based on performance.

Victory Royale in Fortnite

For those (like us) that won’t necessarily perform well in every single game, Fortnite’s core mode is also where you can rack up XP through in-game challenges.

Each week will offer a selection of quests to complete for a substantial amount of XP, plus you’ll have the chance to complete 3 Match Quests (chosen at the start of each game) for over 15,000 a pop.

Fortnite Battle Royale Quests

Just dropping in and focusing on your Match Quest each game could net you a substantial amount of experience each day, win or lose!

It’s these daily and weekly challenges that are what XP farmers should be focussing on, ultimately. We recommend switching modes to make sure you’ve accomplished everything the day has to offer.

And then your next best XP farm is whichever game mode you’re best at – just stay far away from Fortnite Festival!

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