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Best Field Upgrades to Use in Firebase Z – Cold War Zombies

These are two two best Field Upgrades you can Use in Firebase Z.

Field Upgrades are just as overlooked in Cold War Zombies as they are in multiplayer. However, the upgrades in Cold War Zombies are way more powerful and can often be the difference between life and death.

In Cold War Zombies, players can earn also an extra charge of their Field Upgrade by killing 30 zombies. You can get an unlimited amount of charges, as long as you continue killing the undead.

Before you hop into a new game, also make sure you know how to turn on the power in Firebase Z first.

Field Upgrades for Firebase Z

Firebase Z is a challenging Zombies map, so players need to make sure they use the best equipment. Field upgrades are integral to surviving in later rounds, but some are more effective than others.

If you’re still worried about surviving at higher rounds of Firebase Z, why not use this Firebase Z invincibility glitch?

There are two Field Upgrades that stand out as the best for Firebase Z. One suits a more conservative playstyle, the other is for aggressive players.

Aether Shroud

Aether Shroud is a very useful Field Upgrade that can help you get out of sticky situations.

This allows players to phase into the Dark Aether for 5 seconds. Zombies can’t see you while you are phasing, so you can make a quick escape if you get surrounded.

The upgrades make Aether Shroud even more powerful. At level 1, activating it instantly reloads your weapon and at level 2 the invisibility is extended to 8 seconds. The level 3 upgrade then teleports you forwards when you use it, making it perfect for getting away from a crowd of zombies.

Cold War Zombies Aether Shroud Field Upgrade

Ring of Fire

Ring of fire is the other best Field Upgrade for Firebase Z. It is a much less passive Field Upgrade than Aether Shroud, so it is the best choice for more aggressive players.

Like Aether Shroud, this is best used to stop you from getting overwhelmed by a horde of zombies. Activating this Field Upgrade forms a ring of fire around you for which boosts you and your teammates’ damage for 15 seconds. It also burns any enemies who get close to you.

The upgrades for this Field Upgrade make it even more powerful. Level 1 doubles the burn damage, level 2 makes the ring block enemy projectiles and level 3 means that players take ammo from their stock instead of the magazine, meaning you don’t have to reload.

Cold War Zombies Ring of Fire Field Upgrade

These are the two best Firebase Z Field Upgrades and can take your zombie slaying to the next level, if you know exactly what to do.

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