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Best Ending in Elden Ring

Elden Ring has a few endings that players can obtain during their journey to Elden Lord, and here we’ll highlight the best ending players can achieve.

A Tarnished’s journey to becoming Elden Lord is full of chaotic enemies and interesting choices. There isn’t one ending in Elden Ring that is considered the proper ending.

Each of them has its own theme and resolution. But regardless of this, not all endings are equal either. Some will completely reimagine the end of Elden Ring, while others will alter it slightly.

Here is every ending in Elden Ring ranked.

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Elden Ring Incantations

Ranking Every Elden Ring Ending

It is worth noting that every ending in Elden Ring is left up to your interpretation. Various clues throughout the different quests will help you understand what you’re working towards.

6. Age of Despair

This is the ultimate bad ending in Elden Ring. In this ending, you align yourself with the vile Dung Eater to throw the world into even more chaos by letting a curse befall all the Lands Between as the Elden Lord.

It’s the same curse that Dung Eater suffers from, which has left this soul defiled. And since defiled souls can not return to the Erdtree, they are forced to live a life of suffering. One that Dung Eater knows all too well.

The Age of Despair can be seen as a vengeful ending. All have hated Dung Eater due to his curse, and this curse has spread to everyone with this ending.

It isn’t quite explained how thorough this curse will be. Dung Eater mentions the curse will spread at one point, but he states that all will be cursed towards the end.

It could mean that the curse will spread slowly until everyone in the Lands Between is cursed. Or it will immediately defile everyone who is in the Lands Between.

If you want to obtain this ending you’ll need to progress through Dung Eater’s quest. You can check out the full guide here.

Elden Ring How to Complete Dung Eater Questline - Guide & Seedbed Curse Locations

5. Age of Order

This is the ultimate good ending in Elden Ring. If you consider a utopia the best thing that can happen to a place. In it, you abolish the Gods of their ambition as the Elden Lord.

Since the idea is that those with ambition will create an enemy of equal ambition to counter them, so with no ambition whatsoever, no evil will rise.

It’s a very open-ended ending, with many believing that it simply resets the timeline. Despite this being an Age of Order, it merely takes players back to the beginning of the cycle. Where there was order and harmony.

But there are also themes that this Age of Order is permanent, and the Golden Order itself has completely been rebuilt. Meaning that there will be no change, and this order will last through the Lands Between for eons.

But the way you acquire this ending is somewhat chaotic, and it seems that nothing is ever what it seems. This is why it would make more sense if this Age of Order were only temporary.

To obtain this ending you will need to complete Brother Corhyn’s quest. Check out the full guide here.

Brother Corhyn Elden Ring

4. Age of Fracture

This is the most straightforward ending one can obtain in Elden Ring. It doesn’t require players to do any side quests, so to obtain it, you simply need to make your way through all the mandatory bosses in the Lands Between.

Once you defeat the Elden Beast, you will be able to mend the Elden Ring and put an end to the fracture. By doing so, you will rise as the Elden Lord yourself.

But many believe this ending is more profound than it leads on. It doesn’t answer too many questions and leaves a lot for interpretation.

As the Elden Lord, how will the player rule? Does this mean that no one will question their authority?

Since Malenia, Blade of Miquella, and Mohg, the Blood Lord, are optional bosses, does that mean the player can choose to keep them alive?

Many questions are left to be answered, which is why the Age of Fracture is one of the more exciting endings that the player can get.

To obtain the Age of Fracture ending, players will need to complete the main storyline by progressing to Lyndell, Capital of Ash, and defeating the Elden Beast.

Elden Ring Great Rune

3. Age of the Duskborn

This is yet another path that leads you to the title of Elden Lord, but with the Age of Duskborn, you introduce the Lands Between to the circle of life.

In Elden Ring, the idea of death is only familiar to Those Who Live in Death. Although, even these skeletons don’t seem to want to die fully.

From a lore perspective, the Age of the Duskborn plunges to the world of Elden Ring into a place where immortality is no more.

Enemies will not be able to respawn, and the player themselves would stay dead. But of course, this doesn’t happen to the player if they wish to continue their playthrough.

But from a lore stance, this is what is supposed to happen. It does seem like one of the more natural, good endings in Elden Ring.

And it would be interesting to see how certain NPCs and demi-gods would carry themselves in the Age of the Duskborn.

To obtain the Age of the Duskborn ending players will need to progress through the entire Fia quest. You can check out the full walkthrough here.

Fia Quest Elden Ring

2. Lord of the Frenzied Flame

Through this ending, players assume the mantel of the Lord of Frenzied Flame and fulfill the will of the Three Fingers with Hyetta as their maiden. It also puts Melina, your original finger maiden, as your enemy.

The Lord of Frenzied Flame ending is the most chaotic ending that players can achieve in Elden Ring.

During the questline to achieve this Lord of Frenzied Flame ending, players will be told by Hyetta that they are becoming the Lord of Chaos. And through this chaos, the player will burn the world along with the mistakes of the Greater Will.

Some players believe this is the worst ending in the game, but many do not trust the Two Fingers and the Golden Order, so maybe there’s a lot more than meets the eye.

Becoming the Lord of Frenzied Flame is a difficult and treacherous journey. You can check out the full walkthrough here!

Elden Ring Lord of the Frenzied Flame Ending Explained

1. Age of the Stars

The Age of Stars is the best possible ending the player can get in Elden Ring. In it, you help Ranni replace Marika as the Goddess, and in turn, the player becomes the Elden Lord of this new Order.

Ranni promises that this new nameless Order will be one with the stars and the chilly night. She also removes any sign of the Great Will from the Lands Between. This means it will no longer be able to influence its inhabitants.

Ranni and the player do not stay in the Lands Between to rule despite all this. They ascend on a journey that is meant to last a thousand years.

Without the Goddess or Elden Lord, the Lands Between is left without a ruler or a God for the first time in ages.

This ending gives the player the feeling that one journey has ended and another has just begun. But it’s the only ending that entirely separates the player from the Lands Between. It fully closes the chapter on your journey to become Elden Lord.

To enter the Age of Stars, players will need to fully complete Ranni’s quest. You can follow our full walk-through here!

Elden Ring Age of the Stars Ending Explained

And these are all the endings you can presently obtain in Elden Ring.

But at the end of it all, different viewpoints will interpret scenarios differently. If you have any theories, let us know in the comments below!

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