The best battle team to use in the Pokemon GO Electric Cup: Great League Edition is Lanturn, Galvantula, and Electrode.

This team is well-balanced, especially considering the limitations of the cup, and has a very high damage output. Although, other popular Electric-type Pokemon like Luxray and Manectric, as well as the Alolan Geodude family, are also strong choices!

Once you know how to get Elite Fast and Charged TMs to teach your Pokemon new attacks, find out the top 10 best Pokemon for the Electric Cup: Great League Edition below, as well as their strongest attacks!

PokemonImageTypeFast AttackCharged Attacks
LanturnLanturn Pokemon GOWater/ElectricWater GunSurf 
GalvantulaPokemon GO GalvantulaBug/ElectricFury CutterLunge 
Energy Ball
ElectrodeElectrode Pokemon GOElectricVolt SwitchFoul Play
Hyper Beam
Hisuian ElectrodeHisuian Electrode Pokemon GOElectric/GrassThunder ShockWild Charge
Energy Ball
LuxrayLuxray Pokemon GOElectricHidden Power (Ground)Wild Charge
Psychic Fangs
MinunMinun Pokemon GOElectricQuick AttackGrass Knot
Pachirisu (XL)Pokemon GO PachirisuElectricVolt SwitchThunder Punch
Alolan GravelerAlolan Graveler Pokemon GORock/ElectricRock ThrowStone Edge 
Rock Blast
Alolan GolemAlolan Golem Pokemon GORock/ElectricRock ThrowRock Blast
Stone Edge
DedenneDedenne Pokemon GOElectricTacklePlay Rough

Here is the fastest way to earn Candy in Pokemon GO so you can power up your Pokemon for the Electric Cup!

Also, any Pokemon with an (XL) next to their name on the table requires XL Candy to reach the 1500 CP limit. Here’s how to earn XL Candy in Pokemon GO so you can power them up all the way to max CP!

Pokemon GO Lanturn Galvantula Electrode

Electric Cup: Great League Rules

Players battling in the Electric Cup: Great League Edition must select Pokemon according to the three rules below:

  • Pokemon must be 1500 CP or below to enter
  • Only Electric-Type Pokemon are allowed
  • The following Pokemon are banned:
    • Charjabug
    • Heliolisk
    • Stunfisk
    • Vikavolt

While these rules severely limit which Pokemon you can use, there are still a few great options that can help you win and earn all of the GO Battle League rewards for this season!

Find out the best Electric-type Pokemon in Pokemon GO!

Pokemon GO Stunfisk

When is the Electric Cup: Great League? Start & End Date

The Electric Cup: Great League will be active from January 26 – February 2, 2023, according to the Pokemon GO Season 9: Mythcial Wishes Go Battle League schedule.

The other competition active during this week is the Great League. Find out the best Pokemon GO Great League battle team, in case you want to give that a go too!

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