These are the best Elden Ring builds you can wield right now!

Gamers had plenty of time to experiment with Elden Ring. Months of tinkering have resulted in some outstanding builds!

There is a lot to learn about Elden Ring’s combat. Adding a weapon with a unique skill or a helm with some passive buff can make all the difference in combat.

There is no right or wrong way to get the best build on Elden Ring. Everything will depend on what works best for your playstyle.

Nevertheless, the builds in this list are guaranteed fun and OP damage-dealing behemoths.

Elden Ring Gideon Ofnir

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Best Elden Ring Builds – October 2022

The best builds for PvE in Elden Ring include:

  • Mage Build – Best INT Build
  • Holy Reaper Confessor – Best Faith Starter Build
  • Barbarian Strength – Best Damage / Defensive STR Build
  • Samurai Bleed Build – Best DEX & ARC Blood Loss

Mage Build – Best INT Build

This build is specifically aimed at those who want to do some massive damage through Sorceries.

Generally, that would implicate close-range damage limitations. But thanks to the Moonveil Katana, this build is perfect in case you need to deal damage in close proximity.

You can start this build at around Level 50 with the Moonveil Katana.

However, to get full advantage of this build, you will need to get to 60 INT, which is the minimum requirement for the Carian Regal Scepter.

At Level 150, your Attributes should resemble the ones below. However, you can make some concessions with Dexterity and Vigor to get your INT to 60 at around level 100.

  • Vigor – 45
  • Mind – 35
  • Endurance – 20
  • Strength – 15
  • Dexterity – 40
  • Intelligence – 60
  • Faith – 8
  • Arcane – 9

You will need the following equipment for the Mage Elden Ring build:

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Elden Ring Mage Build

Holy Reaper Confessor – Best Faith Starter Build

The big win of this build is its dual scythes’ unparalleled reach with Faith scaling and powerful Incantations.

Another big plus is that you can take full advantage of this Elden Ring build starting at level 65 with the following attributes.

  • Vigor – 25
  • Mind – 21
  • Endurance – 12
  • Strength – 14
  • Dexterity – 14
  • Intelligence – 9
  • Faith – 36
  • Arcane – 13

This is the equipment you require for this build:

  • Weapons:
  • Armor:
    • Confessor Hood
    • Confessor Armor
    • Confessor Gloves
    • Confessor Boots
  • Talismans:
    • Radagon’s Soreseal (you can substitute this one with another talisman of your preference once you reach higher levels)
    • Radagon Icon
  • Sorceries / Incantations:
    • Lightning Spear
    • Black Flame
    • Urgent Heal
    • Flame of the Fell God
    • Dragonfire
    • Frozen Lightning Spear

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Best Elden Ring Faith Build Double Scythe Confessor

Barbarian Strength – Best Damage / Defensive STR Build

The idea of this build is simple, deal as much damage as possible while completely shielding from most enemy attacks in the game.

The focus here is on three attributes: Vigor, Strength, and Endurance. You can start benefiting from this build at level 50. Nonetheless, this Elden Ring build’s ideal range stands between 100 and 150.

At level 100, your attributes should look similar to the ones on the list below:

  • Vigor – 50
  • Mind – 15
  • Endurance – 20
  • Strength – 40
  • Dexterity – 18
  • Intelligence – 12
  • Faith – 5
  • Arcane – 9

To make sure you are able to deal heavy damage while also having a solid defense, use this equipment:

  • Weapons:
    • Heavy Brick Hammer with Lion’s Claw
    • Fingerprint Stone Shield
    • Digger’s Staff (or any Glitstone Staff of your choice)
  • Armor:
    • Any helm of your preference
    • Champion Pauldron
    • Bandit Manchettes
    • Elden Lord Greaves
  • Talismans:
    • Curved Sword Talisman
    • Old Lord’s Talisman
  • Tears:
    • Stonebarb Cracked Tear
    • Greenburst Crystal Tear
  • Sorceries / Incantations:
    • Golden Vow
    • Flame, Grant Me Strength
    • Scholar’s Shield

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Best Elden Ring Barbarian Build

Samurai Bleed Build – Best DEX & ARC Blood Loss Elden Ring Build

A mix of Vigor, Dexterity, and Arcane with the Rivers of Blood Katana make this Elden Ring build unstoppable. This particular build is perfect for both PvE and PvP.

As with the other builds in this list, you can start using some equipment at level 50. However, to take full advantage of this Elden Ring build, you require at least level 100 and maxed weapons.

At level 100, your stats should look similar to the ones below. Also, you can re-spect your attributes if needed.

  • Vigor – 50
  • Mind – 12
  • Endurance – 15
  • Strength – 12
  • Dexterity – 35
  • Intelligence – 10
  • Faith – 8
  • Arcane – 40

These are the weapons and armor you need for the Samurai Bleed Elden Ring Build:

There you have it! These are the best builds you can get on Elden Ring up to October 2022. Now that you have the best equipment, you might be ready for the top 10 hidden secrets in Elden Ring!

Also, these are the best mods for Elden Ring if you want to up the challenge or mix up the game a little.

Lastly, Miyazaki recently discussed the possibility of Elden Ring 2 and FromSoftware’s next project!

Elden Ring Blood Samurai Build

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