Diablo 4 is full of areas where solo players can farm XP from enemies, but the most worthwhile locations always end up being the different Dungeons scattered around Sanctuary.

Because playing solo doesn’t get you any party XP, knowing which dungeons will have more mobs, Elite enemies, and small layouts is important to maximize the XP you receive.

Here are six Dungeons with the best layouts and enemy spawns to get the most XP possible per run in Diablo 4 while playing solo.

Best Dungeons for Solo XP Farming

These are the best dungeons to farm XP solo fast in Diablo 4:

  1. Uldur’s Cave
  2. Forsaken Quarry
  3. Blind Burrows
  4. Demon’s Wake
  5. Anica’s Claim
  6. Raethwind Wilds

Uldur’s Cave

Uldur’s Cave is found in the Raggest Coastline of Kehjistan, west of the Iron Wolves Encampment WayPoint.

Uldur's Cave Location Diablo 4

This is a great dungeon to farm XP because it features various beasts and bandits that players can defeat. The objectives are also pretty straightforward, and won’t take up too much time.

To complete the dungeon, players will need to destroy barricades, activate levers, and clear out the Bandit Hideout of enemies.

During these objectives, Diablo 4 solo players will meet plenty of Elite enemies to maximize the amount of XP they obtain.

Forsaken Quarry

Players will find the Forsaken Quarry dungeon in the Frigid Expanse of Fractured Peaks, west of the Bear Tribe Refuge Waypoint.

Forsaken Quarry Dungeon Location Diablo 4

The Forsaken Quarry features plenty of mobs that players can clear out to gain plenty of XP. It’s also has a simple layout so players can reach more enemies in a shorter amount of time than other dungeons.

To make the best of farming XP in this dungeon, you’ll want to gather the mobs and clear them out as quickly as possible.

Blind Burrows

Players can find the Blind Burrows in the Fethis Wetlands of Hawezar, east of the Zarbinzet Waypoint.

This dungeon features a simple format with large quantities of enemies that players can round up to eliminate them quickly.

There are also plenty of Elite enemies so make sure to take them down to get the most amount of XP possible. Since there are so many enemies, this dungeon is also great for farming Unique and Legendary items.

Demon’s Wake

Players will find the Demon’s Wake dungeon XP farm in the Westering Lowlands of Scosglen, south of the Firebreak Manor Waypoint.

Demon's Wake Diablo 4 Location

This dungeon is pretty large and features quite a few demonic enemies for players to defeat and obtain XP from.

The first segment of the dungeon will have players destroy idols with a few Elite enemies on the way. Once the idols are destroyed, players will need to eliminate all the enemies in the area.

Because of the size of the dungeon, it’s easy to miss an enemy so make sure to comb every section so you don’t find yourself backtracking.

After defeating all the enemies, The Beast will spawn. At this point, players can log out to reset the dungeon and farm all the enemies in it again.

Anica’s Claim

Anica’s Claim is found in Malnok Stronghold in the Fractured Peaks. After this area opens up to players, they’ll gain access to this dungeon in the northern section of the stronghold.

Anica's Claim Diablo 4 Location

Anica’s Claim is a great dungeon to farm XP because you’ll encounter a large amount of Elite enemies due to the Animus that players need to collect.

The dungeon itself has a round layout that makes it easy for players to run around and gather up groups of enemies to defeat.

Raethwind Wilds

Players will find Raethwind Wilds in the Wailing Hills of Scosglen, south of the Braestaig Waypoint.

The Raethwind Wilds dungeons features a large amount of enemy bandits that players can round up to get large boosts of XP with each run.

Due to the size of the dungeon, it may take solo players a bit longer to complete, but it’s still one of the best places to farm for XP.

How to Farm XP in Dungeons

The best way to farm XP in dungeons is to eliminate all the enemies and log out of your game before you complete the final objective.

This will reset the dungeon and allow players to farm enemies all over again. Players will need to repeat this as many times as possible to obtain the level they want with their character.

It’s important to find a dungeon that features plenty of enemies to gather up the most amount of XP. Choosing the right dungeon to farm will ensure that you’re making most of your time farming.

How to Maximize XP for Solo Players

The best ways to maximize the amount of XP that you obtain from each dungeon is to use Potions that grant XP boosts, and farm high tier Nightmare Dungeons.

Most potions in Diablo 4 will give players a small XP boost when they are used. This will improve your proficiency with farming Dungeons, even if only by a little bit.

Players can make the most of this boost by farming higher-tier Nightmare Dungeons where enemies are a higher level than themselves and give out much more XP.

But this is only if you’re a solo player. To truly maximize the amount of XP you can obtain, it’s best to find a party and raid Nightmare Dungeons with incredible amount of XP.

This allows players to easily farm their way to level 100 in the shortest mount of time possible.