Each of Diablo 4’s five distinct and unique classes allows players to play around with a tantalizing assortment of extremely powerful builds.

The game gives you an incredible amount of freedom when it comes to choosing how to best take out the demons of Sanctuary.

If pure DPS is more your thing, there are plenty of choices for you. Below, we’re going to go over the best DPS class in Diablo 4, the reasons why and how to build for the highest amount of damage.

Male and Female Rogue class in Diablo 4

What is Diablo 4’s Best DPS Class?

The best DPS Class in Diablo 4 is the Rogue.

By and large, the main reason the Rogue gets the number one spot for best DPS class is due to the ridiculously powerful Twisting Blades Trapper build.

Its extremely high Crit Damage output and ability to subdue your enemies in place results in a devastating combination of pure power and chaos.

Though it may take some time to build around, the rewards are more than worth it. It offers extremely high mobility and damage output at the same time and is one of the best ways to level through the game to reach all of that juicy endgame content.

Talking of endgame, the Twisting Blades Trapper build will not only coast you through the campaign, but it’s also a more than viable build for level 50 and beyond.

Combat showcasing the powerful Twisting Blades skill in Diablo 4
Credit: NickTew

How is the Rogue’s Twisting Blades Trapper Build So Powerful?

As you’d expect, the Twisting Blades Trapper build is built around the Twisting Blades skill (shocker). When activated, you’ll deal moderate damage to a single target enemy and then release returning blades that will follow you and deal damage to all in your path.

The general idea is to keep moving between targets to deal the most damage to as many enemies as you can. Every other skill in the build is picked to augment and enhance this ability, and in turn, Twisted Blades reduces the Cooldowns of all of these other abilities.

The other main skills to focus on are Poison Trap and Death Trap. These activate after a short time and will stun and immobilize your foes in place, allowing you to rain down hell using your Twisted Blades skill.

What results is a beautiful limbo of death, where you’ll be continually throwing out huge amounts of damage in a beautiful devastating loop of destruction.

Best Diablo 4 Twisted Blades Trapper Build

To get the most DPS and to make the best use of the Twisted Blades Trapper build, you’ll need to buff your Rogue’s Crit Chance and Mobility. YouTuber Veiled Shot has done just that with his take on the build, which provides the perfect example of what it is capable of.

Twisting Blades skill details in the Abilities Menu of Diablo 4
Credit: Veiled Shot

With that in mind, the following skills are recommended (numbers indicate how many Skill points are allocated):

Skill TypeSkill NameEnhancementUpgradeCluster Passives
Basic1 Puncture1 Enhanced Puncture1 Fundamental PunctureN/A
Core1 Twisting Blades1 Enhanced Twisting Blades1 Advanced Twisting Blades3 Sturdy
3 Siphoning Strikes
Agility1 Shadow Step
4 Dash
1 Enhanced Shadow Step1 Methodical Shadow Step3 Weapon Mastery
3 Concussive
1 Rapid Attacks
1 Tick Attacks
Subterfuge1 Poison Trap1 Enhanced Poison TrapN/A3 Exploit
3 Malice
Imbuement1 Deadly Venom3 Debilitating Toxins
1 Alchemical Advantage
Ultimate1 Death Trap1 Prime Death Trap1 Supreme Death Trap3 Innervation
2 Second Wind
3 Trap Mastery
2 Aftermath
1 Adrenaline Rush
3 Haste
Key PassiveExposureN/AN/AN/A

To see the Rogue’s Twisting Blades Trapper build in action, check out Veiled Shot’s video below:

How to Use the Twisting Blades Trapper Build

To get the highest DPS possible with the Twisting Blades Trapper build, you’ll need to do all you can to spam Twisting Blades as much as possible.

Everything is geared towards increasing your crit chance and immobilizing your foes for you to unleash your fury and bring the pain in quick succession.

Mobility and positioning are key, but when you get to just the right spot in the middle of a large pack of foes, you can have a huge devastating AOE impact.

The Advanced Twisting Blades Enhancement’s feature of reducing the Cooldowns of all other skills is a sure-fire way of allowing you to activate your other abilities more frequently.

The Twisting Blades Trapper build is undoubtedly one of the most powerful and highest DPS builds in Diablo 4, which is sure to get you levelling up in no time.

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