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Warzone Player Discovers Genius Way to Counter DMR 14, Diamatti Pistols, and Mac-10

Call of Duty: Warzone is currently completely run by its meta. With Cold War’s DMR 14, Mac-10, and Akimbo Diamattis dominating Warzone, the best counter play is something of a controversial pick.

When Black Ops Cold War merged with Warzone, players were excited to see what cool new guns were coming to the game. Unfortunately, that excitement quickly turned to horror as certain Cold War weapons were discovered to be incredibly overpowered in Warzone.

If you don’t believe us, take a look at some of these brutal clips that show just why Cold War guns are broken.

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DMR 14 Warzone Best Counter

In fact, players are getting so annoyed with the game that they’re labeling Warzone as broken and boring.

But now, we finally have a counter to the DMR, Mac-10, and Diamatti in Warzone – but it’s a controversial one.

The Best Cold War Gun Warzone Counter

If you’re looking to counter the DMR 14, Mac-10, Diamatti, and more in Warzone, there’s still a way you can have fun. Obviously, most weapons stand no chance against the current meta without nerfs, but one may do the trick.

However, players probably won’t be keen on using it as they’ve been mocking this Warzone weapon for months.

We’re referring, of course, to the Riot Shield. An indestructible wall between you and the incoming DMR fire.

Riot Shield Warzone Counter
(Source: Activision)

Before you turn your nose up at the concept, check out this clip from Reddit user Ifrp1 who uses the Riot Shield to dominate the metagame. Despite a DMR 14 downing players in just two shots, your enemies can’t kill what they can’t hit.

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With a Riot Shield in hand, this Warzone player counters the Cold War weapon users perfectly. And they even rival the best thermite play in Warzone for the grand finale.

With Warzone being in such a poor state right now, it’s no wonder players are resorting to controversial counters. But this one might actually be fun to try.

It seems that this equipment is universally despised, except when players are uniting against a common enemy. Another recent clip shows two Riot Shield users beating a Warzone hacker, which is equally satisfying.

One Riot Shield user even manages to beat a Juggernaut in one of Warzone’s most epic showdowns.

But given that Juggernauts are also unpopular in Warzone, players weren’t sure who to root for in that fight.

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