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Best Diablo 4 Beta Barbarian Build & Skills: Master Sanctuary’s Challenges

Conquer the Hordes with Unstoppable Barbarian Might

Embrace the raw power of the Barbarian class in Diablo 4 Beta and become an unstoppable force in the dangerous realm of Sanctuary.

Our guide reveals the best Barbarian build and skill combinations to help you crush enemies with unrivaled might. Prepare to conquer the hordes and wreak havoc with our expert advice.

The best Barbarian build in Diablo 4 utilizes the Whirlwind ability to turn you into a spinning blade of carnage.

It allows players to keep a constant flow of Fury while remaining on the frontlines and delivering deadly blows.

Conquer the Hordes with Unstoppable Barbarian Might

The Barbarian class is known for being a relentless force on the battlefield. Its incredible strength and mastery of weapons leave a wasteland of corpses in the lands of Sanctuary.

The Barbarian uses Fury, a resource that builds as you attack but depletes when outside of battle, to deliver its most devastating attacks.

This is why this class is all about unstoppable brute force.

Players also have the opportunity to make use of a unique class mechanic, The Arsenal System to equip up to four different weapons and apply different bonuses to different attacks.

Here are some pros and cons for any player looking to use the Barbarian as their Diablo 4 class:

  • Pros:
    • Beginner-friendly playstyle – Due to its tanky nature, the Barbarian is one of the easiest classes to learn in Diablo 4. It is about staying on the attack and using your large arsenal to defeat demons.
    • Easy to understand resource – Fury is one of the easiest resources to understand in Diablo 4. You’ll gain Fury if you are attacking with Fury generating skill enemy. When you are outside of battle, you’ll lose Fury.
    • Go berserk – Players can access skills that increase their movement and strength. This makes the Barbarian a truly unstoppable force on the battlefield.
  • Cons:
    • Resource dependent – You’ll need Fury to unleash your strongest attacks. Due to the nature of Fury, you won’t have any when first approaching a fight.
    • Cooldowns – The skills you need to go berserk mostly depend on cooldowns. This means you’ll need to make the most of your skills and use them in unison to unleash the most damage truly.

If you’re not convinced with the Barbarian’s skill set, then there are still four other classes you can test out during the Open Beta.

Best Diablo 4 Barbarian Build – Whirlwind Carnage

The Whirlwind Carnage Barbarian build in Diablo 4 maximizes the potential of the Whirlwind Core skill to mow down hordes of enemies without unstoppable force. To make use of it, you’ll need the following skills:

Skill TypeSkill NameUpgradeCluster Passives
CoreWhirlwindFurious N/A
DefensiveRallying CryTactical N/A
BrawlingChargeMightyAggressive Resistance
Battle Fervor
Weapon MasterySteel GraspStrategicPit Fighter
No Mercy
UltimateWrath of the BerserkerPrimeHeavy Handed
Brute Force
Ultimate PassiveUnbridled RageN/AN/A
Whirlwind Carnage Diablo 4 Build

Whirlwind Carnage Skill Breakdown

The point of this build is to use Whirlwind to mow down enemies and stay Berserking to do as much damage as possible. Here is a breakdown of each skill and why it’s important:

  • Frenzy
    • Frenzy is your Fury generator, so you’ll need to use it whenever you’re out of Fury or facing a small group of enemies. This is why it’s important to have a skill that can offer you some useful passives and still be viable on its own.
    • The Battle Upgrade will increase your Attack Speed when Berserking.
  • Whirlwind
    • This is the main skill you’ll use with this build. Applying the Enhancement as soon as possible is important since it allows you to gain Fury and use Whirlwind endlessly when large groups of enemies are around.
    • The Furious Upgrade will cause Bleeding damage when using a Slashing weapon.
  • Rallying Cry
    • Rallying Cry can either help you build your Fury initially or increase the efficiency and speed of your Whirlwind.
  • Charge
    • Use Charge to help you reach enemies quickly to continue using your Berserking and Whirwild.
    • The Mighty Upgrade allows you to make any enemy you hit while charging Vulnerable.
  • Steel Grasp
    • Use Steel Grasp to pull in groups of enemies into your Whirlwind attack.
  • Wrath of the Berserker
    • Wrath of the Berserker will elevate the damage you do with Whirlwind to new heights. It has a 60-second cooldown, so use it as often as possible to maximize your damage.
    • The Prime Upgrade will contain to build up your damage while using Whirlwind.
  • Unbridled Rage
    • Unbridled Rage is a crucial part of this build because it increases your Core Skill’s damage by 135% more damage. But it also makes Core Skills cost 100%.
    • Activate this once you feel comfortable with your resource management.

How to Build Fury & Go Berserk

Fury is the resource necessary for a Barbarian build in Diablo 4 to unleash their strongest attacks. Players build up Fury by using Basic skills and maintaining a constant attack.

Eventually, players can unlock Enhancements for their skills that generate Fury despite spending it. This is when skills truly start to shine and become a relentless force.

For example, the Whirlwind Core skill uses up to 20 Fury per second. But when players unlock its Enchacncement, they will generate 1 Fury each time Whirlwind directly damages an enemy and 3 Fury against Elite enemies.

This means that when facing many enemies, it is possible to constantly use Whirlwind without needing a Basic skill.

Combining these abilities with your Defensive, Brawling, and Weapon Mastery Skills will make you an unstoppable force.

Barbarian Build Diablo 4

How to Wreack Havoc as a Barbarian

As a Barbarian, maximizing your damage is crucial to clearing out hordes of demons. Here are some tips to help you get started:

  1. Focus on building up your resource generators to make it easier to gain Fury.
  2. Choose a Core Skill that aligns with your playstyle and use it as your primary form of damage. These skills are powerful and will deplete your Fury.
  3. Add Defensive, Brawling, and Ultimate Skills that complement your playstyle.

The Barbarian is a versatile beast that can fit a variety of playstyles, even catering to players who prefer medium-range abilities to keep enemies at a distance.

To maximize your power, it’s important to learn when to activate each skill. Here’s an example sequence using the Whirlwind Carnage build:

  1. Approach your enemies and use the Frenzy Basic skill to build Fury.
  2. Once your Fury is halfway filled, immediately activate your Rally Cry Defensive skill, followed by the Whirlwind Core skill.
  3. With your Fury completely full, use the Wrath of the Berserker Ultimate skill to start Berserking.
  4. Use Steel Grasp to pull enemies in and gain Berserking, then continue to use Whirlwind.
  5. If enemies get too far away, use Charge to get near them and keep mowing them down with Whirlwind.

Best Barbarian Skills For Solos

The Barbarian Class is meant to deal massive damage while constantly moving. The best skills to equip when playing Solo are:

  • Flay – Battle Upgrade
  • Whirlwind – Furious Upgrade
  • Ground Stomp – Tactical Upgrade
  • Leap – Mighty Upgrade
  • Rupture – Fighter’s Upgrade
  • Wrath of the Berserker – Prime Upgrade
  • Gushing Wounds

While playing solo, you want to remain as mobile as possible while dealing plenty of damage. These skills allow you to move through enemies while dealing large amounts of Bleeding damage.

Best Diablo 4 Barbarian Ashava World Boss Strategy

Use the Whirlwind Carnage Build on the Ashava World Boss in Diablo 4 to avoid its pounce attacks and poison while dealing heavy damage.

This build does not use a lot of stagger damage, so you’ll want to partner up with other players to help you take down Ashava.

Sorcerers are great teammates because they have plenty of skills that do stagger damage and can help pave the way for you.

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