The DG-58 LSW is a fast-firing LMG that is perfect for Warzone loadouts if you want a powerful long-range gun with a large magazine.

The only downside of the DG-58 LSW is that it has considerable recoil. That’s why our meta build for the gun significantly reduces the gun’s kick, with attachments that improve its vertical and horizontal recoil control.

The best DG-58 LSW loadout in Warzone is:

  • Muzzle: VT-7 Spiritfire Suppressor
  • Barrel: Wudi Long Barrel
  • Optic: Corio Eagleseye 2.5x
  • Stock: Recoil Reduction Buttplate
  • Underbarrel: Bruen Heavy Support Grip

This DG-58 LSW build is perfect for long-range combat, as the recoil is much lower and the bullet velocity than the base version of the gun.

However, to maintain accuracy at long range, we suggest firing in bursts of 5-8 bullets. That way, you can control the gun’s kick and hit as many shots as possible!

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Best DG-58 LSW Loadout in Warzone

Meta DG-58 LSW Attachments

VT-7 Spiritfire
• Undetectable By Radar ↑
• Recoil Control ↑↑
• Bullet Velocity ↑↑
• Damage Range ↑
• ADS Speed ↓↓
• Aim Walking Steadiness ↓
• Sprint to Fire Speed ↓
Wudi Long
• Aiming Idle Sway ↑↑
• Bullet Velocity ↑↑
• Range ↑↑
• Gun Kick Control ↑
• Hipfire Spread ↓↓
• Tac Stance Spread ↓↓
• Movement Speed ↓
• Aim Walking Speed ↓
Corio Eagleseye
• 2.5x Magnification ↑• ADS Speed ↓
• Aim Walking Speed ↓
Recoil Reduction
• Gun Kick Control ↑↑
• Recoil Control ↑↑
• ADS Speed ↓↓
• Sprint to Fire Speed ↓
• Sprint Speed ↓
• Movement Speed ↓
Bruen Heavy
Support Grip
• Gun Kick Control ↑↑
• Aiming Idle Sway ↑↑
• Horizontal Recoil ↑↑
• Firing Aim Stability ↑
• ADS Speed ↓↓
• Vertical recoil ↓

The Wudi Long Barrel and Recoil Reduction Buttplate are must-have attachments, as are an optic. However, you can pick whatever optic you like the most.

You can swap out the VT-7 Spiritfire Suppressor and the Bruen Heavy Support Grip, but make sure you change them for other attachments that reduce recoil.

Best DG-58 LSW Build Warzone

Best Secondary Weapon for DG-58 LSW Loadout

As the DG-58 LSW will be your long-range gun, you will want to run it alongside an SMG that can dominate in close-quarters combat. These are our picks:

Best Perks & Equipment for DG-58 LSW Loadout

Perk 1Double Time
Perk 2Sleight of Hand
Perk 3Tempered
Perk 4Combat Scout
TacticalSmoke Grenade
LethalDrill Charge

Best DG-58 LSW Alternatives

Instead of the DG-58 LSW, try out these other long-range weapons in Warzone:

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