Custom perk packages have finally been added to Warzone 2 in the Season 2 update and players can now mix and match the best ones in the game.

There are multiple combinations you can choose from and each will depend on your playstyle.

Custom perk packages are just one of many updates to Warzone 2 Season 2. This new item in Al Mazrah is now one of the best in the game!

However, before we get into the best packages, you will need to know how each perk operates in Warzone 2.

Best Perk Package for High Kills

If you like to get tons of kills and potentially break one of the many Warzone 2 kill records, then this perk package will certainly help you on your way:

  • Double Time (Base Perk)
    • Will let you run for longer distances, helping you rotate into the zone.
  • Bomb Squad (Base Perk)
    • Reduces damage taken from explosive lethal equipment and launchers.
  • Fast Hands (Bonus Perk)
    • Reload quicker allowing you to get back into the action.
  • High Alert (Ultimate Perk)
    • Will tell you if enemies are aiming at you, allowing you to get to cover.
Best Perks for High Kills Warzone 2

    Best Perk Package for Having Two Primary Weapons

    If you like to use two primary weapons in Warzone 2, then this is the best perk package to use for Overkill:

    Best Overkill Perk package Warzone 2

    Best Perk Package for Winning in Warzone 2

    If you are looking to not get many kills and simply win games, then this package is the best one to use:

    • Double Time (Base Perk)
    • Bomb Squad (Base Perk)
    • Fast Hands (Bonus Perk)
    • Ghost (Ultimate Perk)
      • Will keep you hidden from enemy UAVs and radars, potentially keeping you alive longer.
    Best Perks for Winning

    Best Overall Perk Package in Warzone 2

    One of the best custom perk packages to use in Warzone 2 will include:

    • Double Time (Base Perk)
    • Tracker (Base Perk)
      • Will show the footprints of enemies you are chasing.
    • Resupply (Bonus Perk)
    • High Alert (Ultimate Perk)
    Best Overall package

    If you are looking for more tips on how to improve your loadouts, check out the best weapons, attachments, and tuning for each of these classes:

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