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Best Controller Settings for Warzone in 2021

Warzone controller players are already at a disadvantage when compared to PC users, but these controller settings will help you perform at your best.

When it comes to Warzone cross-play, the grass is greener on both sides of the fence. Those who play on PC are always complaining about Warzone’s strong controller aim assist.

For controller players, of course, mouse and keyboard players have a clear advantage. It’s true no matter how you look at it, the laser precision of a mouse can’t easily be beaten.

However, with these controller settings, you can have the best chance at beating the competition in Warzone.

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Warzone best controller settings
(Source: Activision)

Best Controller Settings – Warzone 2021

When it comes to personalizing your controller settings, these tweaks will give you the edge in Warzone.

Thanks to a new guide by controller pro TheTacticalBrit, we know exactly what you should be adjusting in that settings menu:

Aim Response Curve Type

One of the most critical settings that’s worth adjusting is the Controller Aim Response Curve Type. Altering this setting will affect how your cursor accelerates when an analog stick is moved.

Changing your Aim Response Curve Type to Dynamic will make your aiming very similar to what a mouse player can achieve with some quick movements. Snapping the analog stick to one side will lead to very fast adjustments, but only tilting the stick will slow things down to help you tweak your aim.

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Warzone Verdansk '84 Gulag
(Source: Activision)

Dead Zones

Another key change you need to make for the best controller setting in Warzone is altering your Dead Zones. A Dead Zone refers to how much area an analog stick can be moved without any input being detected.

Players ideally want to reduce their Dead Zones as much as possible, however, there’s one small issue. Thanks to the small amount of stick drift present particularly in PS5 controllers, too small a Dead Zone will result in your game detecting inputs even when you’re not moving the analog stick.

You’ll therefore want to set the Dead Zone as low as possible without your controller detecting these inputs. TheTacticalBrit’s Dead Zone, for instance, is set to 0.10.

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Controller sensitivity is one of the most important settings to get just right. Most pro players play between 7-10 in both Vertical and Horizontal Sensitivity settings.

Higher sensitivity is a good advantage, and TheTacticalBrit plays on 10 because of this. However, whatever you can handle, be sure to ensure that all your zoom settings are the same across the board.

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Warzone Verdansk '84
(Source: Activision)

Aim Assist

When it comes to the controller’s biggest advantage, it helps to keep Aim Assist enabled. Using the standard Aim Assist, scaling with Warzone’s FOV is your best bet.

Recently, players have also noticed a difference in Aim Assist that’s affecting their Warzone matches. Do Modern Warfare Weapons have Better Aim Assist than Black Ops Cold War guns?

Control Scheme

When it comes to Control Scheme, TheTacticalBrit recommends using a Tactical layout – go figure. The reason for this is that it allows Warzone players to jump and slide without taking their hands off the analog sticks.

On non-standard controllers, such as the ASTRO C40 TR that the user plays with, you even get two back buttons for these inputs. But on regular controllers, playing on Tactical Flipped should achieve similar results.

Without taking your thumbs off the analog sticks, you’ll have more accurate aim and better movement options in intense gunfights.

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Warzone best controller settings
(Source: Activision)


If you’re a PC player, adjusting your FOV to its maximum setting will make you appear like you’re moving quicker. It’ll also give you more vision of the game around you.

But most importantly, using a wider FOV will negate a lot of visual recoil, so long as you’re pulling your weapon to adjust for it. A FOV slider is one of the biggest Warzone next-gen patch demands, and we’re hoping it’s coming to console soon.

Controller Choice

Now, while TheTacticalBrit recommends getting a more expensive controller that comes with its own back trigger buttons, that’s not an option for many gamers. However, choosing between an Xbox or PS4/5 controller likely is within your means a little more.

According to TheTacticalBrit‘s research, PlayStation controllers perform better when playing Warzone, although there’s little reason why they should. We can’t prove this claim, but the YouTuber informs us that it’s a common consensus among the YouTube community.

The user ends the video by telling fans to pick one of Warzone’s best loadouts in Season 3 and stick to that choice. Of course, you’ll always end up improving when you know your weapons inside and out.

You also definitely want to turn off this Warzone setting which is throwing off players’ aim!

Recently, we’ve seen a new Mother Of All Bundles appear in Warzone, and it may be expensive but it’s worth every penny! Unfortunately, Activision may have just given players the chance to get their hands on Warzone’s most pay-to-win skin once again.

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