Players will need to start a new character if they want to participate in Diablo 4 Season 1, and we’re here to talk about which class is the best one to choose for this new adventure.

Since Season 1’s huge Patch 1.1 update, all classes have received massive nerfs across the board. This has significantly affected the effectiveness of some of the more popular classes in the game.

With that said, we’re going to break down the best class in Diablo 4 to help you start Season 1 on the right track after the patch 1.1 update.

Best Class Diablo 4 Season 1

The best class for Diablo 4 Season 1 is the Rogue due to its absurdly high damage output, speed and leveling efficiency. This class also has various builds suited for Solo and Cooperative gameplay.

Players can make the best of the Rogue class by taking advantage of a few of its very powerful builds that have been largely untouched by the nerfs of Diablo 4’s Season 1 update. It’s one of the main reasons this class outshines the others.

Some examples of these builds include:

  • Twisting Blades Rogue Build
    • Often touted as one of the highest DPS builds in the game, the Twisted Blades Rogue build has phenomenal damage output
    • It’s really easy to maintain a high damage when combined with the Rogue’s other mobility skills
  • Flurry Rogue Build
    • A powerful beginner-friendly melee build that’s great for leveling and the endgame
    • Very mobile with a great opportunity of applying Crowd Control effects
  • Penetrating Shot Rogue Build
    • Powerful ranged build – can deal high damage from a distance
    • Great for pushing Nightmare Dungeons in the Endgame

Overall, the Rogue is the best class in Diablo 4 Season 1, and any player who chooses it will have a great time leveling up and exploring all the different abilities.

Diablo 4 Season 1 Classes Ranked & Tier List

Here is the ranking of every Diablo 4 Season 1 class from best to worst:

  1. Rogue
  2. Druid
  3. Necromancer
  4. Barbarian
  5. Sorcerer

Despite this ranking, some classes actually shine when they reach the end-game levels of Diablo 4 (Level 50+) due to the strength of some of their Ultimate Passives.

But these classes are usually difficult to master and will require players to invest a lot more time into obtaining the proper Legendary Gear and Paragon Boards.

1. Rogue

Ranking: S-Tier

With the Rogue Class, players will have a lot more versatility in terms of what gameplay approach they want to take with Diablo 4.

Despite the Rogue’s relatively low sustain and survivability, it tends to not really matter with the amount of damage you’ll dole out at any given time.

They are a fantastic class for both leveling and the endgame, ensuring you can get through content quickly. The Rogue is the best class for Diablo 4 Season 1.

Rogue Diablo 4 Season 1 Class

2. Druid

Ranking: A-Tier

Even though most of the Druid’s abilities don’t reach their max potential until later, the class is a phenomenal all-rounder.

The Druid is the tankiest class in the game and has access to a huge variety of very powerful builds. You’ll be able to survive a lot longer than most other classes in Diablo 4.

It features a powerful shapeshifting ability set that allows it to turn into a Werewolf or a Werebear. With a Werewolf, players can deal lethal damage with a high velocity. However, the Werebear focuses on devastating damage with a larger area of effect.

Druid Diablo 4 Season 1 Class

3. Necromancer

Ranking: A-Tier

Due to the power of the Necromancer with both ranged and physical attacks, it is a good option for a lot of players. Its Crowd Control attacks will help players easily stagger the new boss, Varshun the Consumed.

Despite a nerf to its powerful Bone Spear build, it is still a more than solid choice.

This Necromancer is rewarding for players who enjoy using different builds for a variety of situations. It will cost a bit to reset your skills, but having access to various end-game builds is nice.

Necromancer Diablo 4 Season 1 Class

4. Barbarian

Ranking: C-Tier

The Barbarian is one of the easiest classes to jump into due to its incredible durability and straightforward skill set. Players can unlock most of the abilities they’ll need to create a sturdy build early into the game.

However, the Barbarian was hit very hard by the Season 1 update. It received huge nerfs across the board, meaning that some of its most popular builds for levelling and the endgame have become significantly worse since the update.

Barbarian Class Diablo 4 Season 1

5. Sorcerer

Ranking: C-Tier

The Sorcerer is widely considered to be the worst class in Diablo 4 due its incredibly low survivability. It also only has a few viable endgame build options, making its build variety poor and lacklustre.

In the Season 1 update, Sorcerers took an even bigger hit. With huge nerfs to Crowd Control and Devouring Blaze, it significantly reduced the effectiveness of some of the Sorcerer’s most viable endgame options, such as the Ice Shards and Blizzard builds.

Sorcerer Diablo 4 Season 1 Class
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