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Using Best Buy’s Tech Membership to Order a PS5? You Should Know This

Best Buy recently launched its Total Tech Membership to make things easier for those who want to get a PS5, but there is something you should know first.

Early access for PS5 consoles through a membership is really not a new thing.

Namely, GameStop does a similar thing with its Pro members.

Additionally, Amazon sometimes drops current-gen consoles only for its Prime members.

The difference here is that Best Buy’s Total Tech Membership is not even close to the price of its competitors’ memberships.

Mind you, Best Buy does offer some reasonable perks.

Although, if you are planning to use your Best Buy Total Tech Membership to get a PS5, there’s something you need to know first.

Best Buy’s Totaltech Cancellation Fees After Ordering a PS5

We all know sometimes the only reason for getting a membership is because you need or want only one of its perks.

Many gamers have become Pro Members at GameStop just to get early access offers.

As well, the same goes for customers getting Prime just for Prime-exclusive console drops.

Once gamers get the console they want, off goes the membership as it is no longer needed.

Gamers reported that if you want to cancel your Total Tech membership after getting your PS5, Best Buy will only refund $150 out of the total $199.99 membership price.

Although, other customers are confirming that they successfully canceled their membership and got a full refund after getting a PS5.

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What is Best Buy’s position on Total Tech membership cancellations?

According to Best Buy’s Total Tech membership terms and conditions, a fee might be deducted from a refund if you benefited from it in some way.

Best Buy Total Tech Membership PS5 Cancellation Refund

On the other hand, users on Reddit are getting mixed signals from Best Buy.

Some gamers state Best Buy’s customer service doesn’t know about this either.

Additionally, others suggested Best Buy will grant a full refund. Although you should ask for it once you have received your PS5.

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To clear things up, we asked Best Buy ourselves.

On our end, Best Buy stated that a full refund for its Total Tech membership will be in place even after ordering a PS5 console.

Best Buy Total Tech Membership PS5 Cancellation

Also, we asked if this would be possible considering Best Buy’s terms and conditions.

Best Buy Total Tech Membership PS5 Cancellation

The customer representative at Best Buy took some time to double-check on this, but the answer remained the same as before.

Best Buy Total Tech Membership PS5 Cancellation

So far, it seems that you should be able to order a PS5 and then cancel your Total Tech Best Buy membership in case you have second thoughts about it.

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