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Best Buy Latest Xbox Series X Restock Results In Happy Customers – January 11

Best Buy had an online Xbox Series X restock this January 11, making many fans happy!

After over a year since its launch, Microsoft’s current-gen hardware has proven to be a success.

Even though Xbox Series X is getting easier to get lately, restocks are still a thing. Additionally, units are still selling out in every drop retailers host.

Microsoft continues to boost its production lines as much as possible to keep up with demand. Unfortunately, according to many tech insiders, Xbox Series X restocks might continue for a good part of 2022.

As time goes by, Xbox Series X drops are getting better. Following this trend, Best Buy’s latest Xbox Series X restock surprised many customers.

Best Buy Recent Xbox Series X Restock Results in Hundreds of Successful Purchases

Best Buy hosted an online Xbox Series X restock this January 11, resulting in many successful purchases, leading to many happy customers.

This online drop was the perfect restock for customers who want the core system without bundling! Fortunately, this was not a Total Tech member restock, meaning that the open public could participate.

Right after the restock started, many gamers jumped into social media to celebrate getting a console. This event is not the retailer’s first great success with Xbox drops.

Last month, gamers celebrated a very successful Xbox Series X drop from Best Buy.

According to many gamers, getting an Xbox Series X console was effortless during this Best Buy restock.

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Many customers celebrated but crossed their fingers, hoping their orders did not get canceled.

Some gamers were so lucky they got same-day pickup from their local Best Buy on this Xbox Series X restock.

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Happy customers kept posting on social media as this successful drop went on.

Of course, not everyone could purchase a console during this drop. Many customers complained about inconsistencies in Best Buy’s queue system.

This problem usually occurs during restocks once traffic to Best Buy’s site increases.

Usually, these errors eventually decrease as more customers check out. But, many are not lucky to get this sorted out before stock is sold out.

Got your console? Then it’s time to play! Most anticipated Xbox Series X | S games coming in 2022.

Do not worry if you did not get your Xbox Series X console in this drop!

These are all the Xbox Series X possible restocks happening from January 10 -16.

Additionally, Microsoft Store sends invites to purchase a console directly from them. If you want to participate in these restocks, here is how you can get a Microsoft Store Xbox Series X restock email invite.

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Bite me best buy

Wednesday 12th of January 2022

Unless you ordered it form best buy xbox all access should have gotten it on the 11th drop but no they didn't hold the console