Here are the best tips for securing restocks at Best Buy.

What Day of the Week Does Best Buy Usually Restock?

There’s no usual day to watch out for with Best Buy, but restocks will always drop on a weekday, Monday-Friday.

Totaltech members sometimes get exclusive drops that tend to be more common on Mondays, however.

What Time Does Best Buy Usually Restock?

Best Buy tends to restock exclusively on weekdays, and usually between:

PT: 12 PM – 3 PM
MT: 1 PM – 4 PM
CT: 2 PM – 5 PM
ET: 3 PM – 6 PM

Most of the retailer’s stock drops take place around midday ET.

How Long Do Best Buy Restocks Last?

Best Buy restocks will often be around an hour long, much longer than most customers expect. Don’t give up at the first sign of no more stock as the retailer restocks in waves, approximately every 10 minutes.

As people begin to leave give up and leave the site, it becomes easier to buy stock. And while your item may say Out of Stock for a while, it doesn’t mean that the drop is over.

Do I Need Best Buy Totaltech Membership for Restocks?

No, you won’t need Totaltech memberships for most Best Buy restocks, but the retailer does lock occasional high-demand product sales behind the membership system.

Some drops will be exclusive to members but many customers won’t find it worthwhile paying $199.99 for an annual membership just for the rare restocks that are members-only.

If you do want to sign up for a membership, here’s a link to the Totaltech membership page. And here are the other benefits of being a member:

Best Buy Totaltech

How to Check Best Buy for Local Stock In-Store (Toggle Trick)

If you’re shopping for an item in-store and want to see if your local retailer has it in stock, there’s an easy way to check online!

Although the store doesn’t advertise it, this Best Buy ‘Toggle Trick’ will help you check stock levels in-store from your PC!

Useful: Best Buy Store Locator

Best Buy Restock Tips & Tricks

Set Up Account & Payment Early

Whether you’re opting for Totaltech or not, make sure you have your Best Buy account ready before a restock drops.

You’ll want to not only sign in but also enter your payment information and delivery details prior to any sale going live.

Best Buy Site vs App

Best Buy’s site is consistently better than its app when it comes to securing restocks for high-demand products. However, since you can be signed in on both a mobile device and web browser, it never hurts to double up.

When a restock is about to take place, bring up the store page on both your computer and mobile application for best results.

Best Buy App

Add to Cart or Please Wait

When you’re on the store page for the item you’re looking for and there’s no yellow Add to Cart button, you’ll often want to refresh the page. If your page says Coming Soon, a refresh could finally make that magic Add to Cart arrive.

However, if the button says Please Wait instead, then do not refresh from that point onward. Even if it takes some time, that Please Wait has a good chance of changing to Add to Cart without reloading the page.

Change Your Best Buy Store

Assuming that you’re buying an order that requires pickup, a good thing to consider is changing your local store during Checkout.

If you hit Add to Cart and go to Checkout but the store no longer has stock, hope isn’t lost. From your cart, choose ‘Select a store to see availability’ or click the location name and you’ll be able to see which stores around your area have units to sell.

Change Store Location Best Buy

Select one of the stores with stock (at least one that you can reach) and you’ll be able to check out with no problem.

However, if NO stores have stock nearby, leave the item in your cart. Open a new browser and load up the store page.

As soon as you get the option to Add to Cart popping up, return to the tab with your cart and check the stores list again. This time, some stores should have stock once again.

Text or Email PIN

Sometimes during Checkout, Best Buy will require you to receive a PIN via email or text to purchase your product.

When given the option, always choose text as the message should come through much faster that way. It’s important to make sure that your account is set up with your mobile number in order to get that code as soon as possible.

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