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Best Buy PS5 & Xbox Series X In-Store Restock: Thousands In the Queue – September 23

In what might be the most insane PS5 & Xbox Series X restock in history, thousands of gamers are queueing outside Best Buy on September 23.

If you’re looking for a PS5 or Xbox Series X, Best Buy is the place to be today. Despite the major retailer being rather quiet for next-gen drops in the last few weeks, we’re finally beginning to understand why.

Recently, we reported on a massive PS5 and Xbox Series X restock coming to Best Buy today. And this is one of the few drops that is actually encouraging next-gen consoles to be purchase in-store!

Already, thousands of gamers are joining queues around the US, despite it still being the early hours of the morning. But if you miss out, there’s another PlayStation Direct PS5 restock dropping today too!

Here’s how to make sure you’re eligible for a PS5 restock at PlayStation Direct.

Best Buy PS5 & Xbox Series X Restock Queues Are Huge

At the time of this article’s writing, it isn’t even 5 AM ET and already queues for the Best Buy PS5 & Xbox restock are huge.

With many fans sick of the endless hunting for next-gen consoles, some gamers are betting it all on this Best Buy PS5 and Xbox Series X restock. Customers are camping outside Best Buy stores as they wait for the September 23 restock to arrive.

Already, reports of up to well over 100 potential buyers at certain stores are coming in, as eager gamers attempt to ensure they’ll nab a new console.

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best buy ps5 xbox queues
(Source: LordOfRestocks)

Although Best Buy has significant stock levels in today’s restock, we can’t imagine that everyone will leave a satisfied customer!

Stock tracker LordOfRestocks has created a list of all participating Best Buy stores. On it, the user notes how many people are currently queuing outside them, according to public reports.

Be sure to check our PS5 Stock Trackers for lightning-fast updates when new consoles go live:

From what we can tell, the majority of Best Buys now have a significant amount of people in the queue, and all numbers are likely only increasing with time.

With thousands of gamers waiting for the distribution of tickets allowing them to buy a next-gen console, it’s already a significant wait. However, tickets are going out at 7:30 AM local time, meaning there’s still time to get in line.

Check out how many people are waiting outside your Best Buy here!

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for a next-gen console, here are all the other drops coming this week:

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