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Huge Best Buy PS5 Restock Suggests Supply Is Finally Meeting Demand – January 5

Today’s Best Buy PS5 restock saw a lot of wins – could supply finally be catching up with demand on January 5?

Over the last few months, PS5 restocks have been dropping all over the place. Not only are major retailers managing to get hold of more stock than usual, but it feels like fewer drops are being ruined by scalpers.

On top of that, it appears that next-gen console scalpers are dropping their prices as demand for the consoles begins to fall.

Today, Best Buy dropped an unexpected PS5 restock, only days after its December 27 offering. And judging by the customer responses, this was one of the most successful restocks in some time.


Could there finally be enough PS5 consoles on the market to keep up with demand? Likely not just yet, but we’re definitely getting there.

Miss out on today’s restock? Don’t worry – there’s a massive Target PS5 restock going live this week too!

Best Buy PS5 Restock Was a Huge Success

The latest Best Buy PS5 restock was a huge success on January 5, and it could be a sign that the console shortage is coming to an end.

Today, Best Buy surprised fans with yet another PS5 restock, available for all customers. And going by the responses we’re seeing, it was a big success.

Dozens of Twitter users appear to be celebrating nabbing a new PS5 in the January 5 restock. Several restock accounts are even suggesting that this could be a sign that demand is finally falling for the next-gen console.

If you’re still on the hunt, don’t worry. PS5 restocks will continue throughout January 2022, and we know where to look.

In fact, these retailers should be dropping the PS5 later this week!

What’s more, the first PS Direct PS5 restock of the year is going live today too. We can only hope that it’s as successful as Best Buy’s restock.

And while the recent Amazon PS5 restock was ruined by scalpers, other retailers appear to have drops down to a science. In fact, GameStop is even selling PS5s in-store lately!

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Friday 7th of January 2022

I don't know what you're talking about. Consoles are incredibly scarce. Best Buy, I got nothing. Target, i got nothing. Two(!) PS direct stocks both gone in less than 10 minutes.


Thursday 6th of January 2022

Fuck Best Buy. ALL this Bullshit of the last year could have been alleviated, but most retailers allowed the scalpers to buy them up then resale them on their website. Walmart is the WORST.

Thomas saige

Wednesday 5th of January 2022

Let me know when ps5 is in store ty

Marie Ford

Wednesday 5th of January 2022

How much