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Best Buy Reportedly Has PS5 Restock In-Store – March 10

An industry insider confirmed Best Buy has a PS5 in-store restock event planned for March 10.

Even though we are nearing the end of the year’s first quarter, PS5 restocks are still a constant. The latest iteration of the Sony PlayStation has been out of stock since it launched in late 2020.

Since then, Sony has made a massive effort to keep its production lines manufacturing as many units as possible.

Unfortunately, demand is still high, and due to many worldwide issues, production is far from adequate. Sony itself confirmed earlier this year PS5 shortages would continue through 2022.

Nonetheless, retailers are still constantly holding up stock to host online or in-store restock events.

Best Buy is one of these retailers, and according to a well-known industry insider, it is planning its first PS5 in-store PS5 restock in 2022.

Best Buy Store Front
Best Buy

Insider Predicts a Best Buy PS5 In-Store Restock – March 10

Jake Randall, a prominent restock insider, revealed today that, according to his sources, Best Buy is having an in-store PS5 restock on March 10.

The only viable option for gamers to purchase a PS5 console in this Best Buy in-store restock is by asking their local store’s customer service if they have any stock available.

Although, you can check in-store stock using a Best Buy app trick to get your PS5.

According to Randall, there will not be an official announcement for this restock. As well, the inventory for this drop will not be accessible for online purchase or availability verification.

As usual, it is a good idea for any in-store event to go to your local store as early as possible. PS5 stock usually only lasts a few hours.

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If Best Buy is not an option for you to get your PS5 console, there are plenty of options aside from this retailer!

GameStop announced an upcoming PS5 online restock on March 8. This restock is exclusive for PowerUp Pro members and only offers bundled options.

UPDATE 3/10 12:03 PM ET – Many gamers are already sharing successful purchases in-store at Best Buy by following the instructions outlined in this article.

Also, many retailers are expected to restock PS5 consoles from March 7 – March 13. Lastly, here are some tips to beat scalpers and find your PS5 console.

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