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Best Buy is Selling Nintendo Switch OLED In-Store – October 8

It’s Nintendo Switch OLED launch day, and Best Buy is the latest retailer to be selling the brand-new consoles in-store.

Nintendo fans all over the world are going crazy for the release of the Switch OLED! There were initial fears that the console will be very hard to find, but those fears are slowly going away as more stock information is found out.

Yes, the pre-orders for the Switch OLED sold out immediately, but it isn’t the end of the world. A number of retailers have been selling the OLED Switch models in-store on launch day.

The latest one which appears to have the consoles in stock on October 8 is Best Buy. Check out all of the details on how to get one below.

But first, check out our Nintendo Switch OLED launch day stock update.


Best Buy Has Nintendo Switch OLED in Stock on Launch Day

Following the news that the Nintendo Switch OLEDs would be in stock on launch day, a number of retailers have been confirmed to be selling the consoles:

Now, another major retailer appears to have the new Switch model on sale. That’s right – Best Buy also has Switch OLED consoles on sale today.

Restock expert Jake Randall was visiting his local Best Buy store to pick up his already pre-ordered Switch OLED when he found out this information.

Apparently, multiple people came into the Best Buy with no pre-orders and still bought a Switch OLED. All they had to do was ask.

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Additionally, another gamer has shared how they bought their Switch from Best Buy this morning. Apparently, the trick to getting one is going straight to customer service as they have them behind the counter there.

These are just two Best Buy stores, but it could be a good indication that many more have Switch OLED consoles ready to sell.

We recommend heading down to your local store to check. If you’re not quick, your Best Buy could have sold out of Switch OLED consoles already!

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If you are one of the lucky few to buy a Switch OLED, you still have some setting up to do. Here’s how to transfer your save data to your new Switch OLED console.

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