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Best Buy Has PS5 Stock in Stores Today – April 1

This is not an April Fool’s Prank – select Best Buy stores actually have the PS5 console in stock on April 1!

Gamers have found buying a PS5 extremely difficult for almost 18 months now. The consoles have been almost exclusively limited to highly-contested restocks.

Unfortunately, it looks like this will be the case for a while longer too. This is following reports that the PS5 stock shortage will continue throughout 2022.

However, major retailer Best Buy actually has PS5 consoles for sale in some stores on April 1 – and it’s not even an April Fool’s prank! Here’s everything you need to know to get a console today.

Also, check out every expected PS5 restock this week!

Best Buy Store Front
Best Buy

Best Buy April 1 PS5 Restock – Available to Buy In-Store

Best Buy had PS5 consoles for sale in-store last month and it looks like the retailer is doing the same today, April 1!

Reliable restocks expert Jake Randall claims has revealed that certain Best Buy stores across the country have PS5 consoles to sell today.

This isn’t part of a restock event and doesn’t include every store. However, it is still a great way to get a next-gen console and beat scalpers to get your PS5.

Luckily, before you head to your local Best Buy, you can see if the store has PS5s in stock!

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To see if your local Best Buy has the PS5 in stock on April 1, you first need to download the Best Buy app and log in.

Then, you need to use this Best Buy PS5 restock toggle trick to easily find which stores have stock!

If any stores near you are stocking the console, be sure to head down as soon as you can. You never know when they are going to sell out or if the console will still be in stock when you get there!

In other news, Target is overdue a PS5 restock with the store’s stock levels rising. Let’s hope that the retailer drops its consoles soon as not everyone will get a PS5 from Best Buy.

Also, there’s been a huge development with PlayStation Plus that will be interesting for PS4 and PS5 owners. Check out the new PS Plus subscription tiers and what they do.

Finally, Sony has revealed the free PlayStation Plus games for April 2022. It’s not long until you can download these now!

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