A brand-new bullpup assault rifle called the BP50 has been added to Call of Duty Warzone as a part of its final major update.

With the upcoming release date of Warzone 2.0, the original Warzone is coming to a close. Its final major update has dropped, which features brand-new weapons and additional game modes.

The newest addition to Warzone’s lineup of weapons is the BP50 assault rifle. It is a bullpup assault rifle with an incredibly high fire rate that is great for taking down enemies at mid-range.

Fortunately, for players wanting to utilize it before moving over to Warzone 2, the BP50 is quite easy to unlock.

Best BP50 Loadout Build & Attachments in Warzone

  • Muzzle – Recoil Booster
  • Barrel – Maes 538mm Kort
  • Laser – Charlier ANK Laser
  • Optic – Slate Reflector
  • Stock – Removed Stock
  • Magazine – 7.62x54mmR 50 Round Mags
  • Ammunition – Lengthened
  • Rear Grip – Grooved Grip
  • Perk – Tight Grip
  • Perk 2 – On Hand

This loadout is heavily geared towards improving aim down sight, strafe, and overall mobility speed. It is perfect as a sniper support build, and is combined nicely with a sniper.

Alternatively, you can check out some other fantastic assault rifle loadouts, such as the best STG44 loadout in Warzone. This will have you covered at longer ranges than the BP50!

the loadout for the BP50 from JGOD

How to Unlock the BP50 in Warzone

You can unlock the BP50 to use it in Warzone in the following ways:

  • Warzone – Get 15 kills while ADS (aiming down sights) with an ACOG scope attached
  • Vanguard Multiplayer – Get 15 kills while ADS (aiming down sights) with an ACOG scope attached
  • Vanguard Zombies – Earn an Extermination medal (get 25 Rapid kills) using an assault rifle
  • Store: You can purchase a Store Bundle that features its blueprint.
a soldier hiding behind a box with the BP50 in Warzone

If you’re unsure which ACOG scope to use in Warzone or Vanguard, it can be any that offers between 3x to 4.5x zoom. Here are all the ACOG optics in Warzone & Vanguard right now!

Additionally, in Warzone and Vanguard Multiplayer, this challenge can be completed across multiple games. This means you won’t have to get all 15 kills in a single match.

Resurgence matches are the best way to get kills quickly in Warzone, and something you should make the most of if you enjoy Rebirth Island and Fortunes Keep as these maps may not be around forever.

If you don’t want to do the in-game challenge, then you can unlock the BP50 by purchasing the Calavera Weapon Bundle in the COD Store for 1200 COD Points.

The Calavera weapon bundle from Warzone

If brutally fast and deadly accurate assault rifles are your thing, then you should consider adding the BP50 to your loadout, especially now that Loadout Drops have dropped in price.

Of course, despite the BP50 being a part of the final major update to Warzone, a plethora of exciting new changes are reportedly coming to Warzone 2.

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