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Best Assault Rifle Optic in Warzone – Zoom, Recoil & Scope Shake Stats

Find the right Warzone assault rifle optic for you and take your accuracy to the next level!

Being accurate with your shots is key to winning any game of Warzone. Therefore picking the right optic for your weapon is extremely important.

However, there are more stats that change how an optic performs than the zoom level and what it looks like. Check out these comparisons between assault rifle optics to find out which is the one for you.

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Best Optic For Cold War ARs in Warzone

Warzone player u/lalalamitta posted on the r/CODLoadouts subreddit some in-depth testing for all of the best optic for Cold War assault rifles in Warzone.

This demonstrates the most important factors when choosing an optic including zoom level, visual recoil, and clutter. However, it also takes into account the hidden attributes like ADS speed, and recoil reduction properties too.

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Warzone Season 3

Visiontech 2x

The Visiontech 2x is a good scope for longer-range assault rifles, thanks to its very low visual recoil and snappy ADS speed. However, it suffers from low zoom and has no recoil reduction.

Therefore, it is a good optic for mid-range Warzone ARs like the very powerful XM4 and AK-47.

Visiontech 2x Optic Warzone Cold War

SUSAT Multizoom

Players used to claim that the SUSAT Multizoom was the most broken optic in Warzone. However, it performed very poorly in u/lalalamitta’s tests.

It has reasonably low visual recoil and some horizontal recoil reduction, but it comes with some pretty bad downsides. The zoom is too low on the 2x setting and too high on the 4x setting, plus it also has a very poor sight picture and a large increase to ADS time.

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Warzone Cold War SUSAT Multizoom

Axial Arms 3x – Best Optic in Warzone

Our pick would be the Axial Arms 3x. This is because it gives the best overall zoom, has a great sight picture, and the best vertical recoil control out of the three. However, it does have the most vertical recoil, so you’ll have to get used to that.

You’ll want to put this optic on the best Krig 6 loadout in Warzone Season 3. This is because it is the most accurate weapon in the game right now.

Also, be sure to check out the full research here.

Axial Arms 3x Optic Warzone Cold War

What’s more, it’ll be a lot easier to see enemies in Warzone even without these optics soon. The blinding lens flare in Warzone will be toned down very soon. Plus, Raven Software is also working on fixing the lighting in Verdansk ’84.

Let’s hope it looks like the stunning new Rebirth Island lighting system that players absolutely love.

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