The Legend of Zelda: TOTK contains a lot of amazing Armor to help Link in his adventures. Here’s the best of the best, and where you can find it in Hyrule!

Switching up your Armor of choice is a good way to adapt to any situation. Many Armor sets come with special bonuses for Link to take advantage of – they’re not all about the defense stats!

From Link’s Breath of the Wild gear to fan-favorite Armors and even a wingsuit – these are the pieces you need to get your hands on:

Best Armor in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

These are the best Armor sets in Tears of the Kingdom, offering the best boosts, the best stats, or simply the most style in the game.

In no particular order, here are the Armor pieces you need to track down right now:

Champion’s Leathers – Breath of the Wild’s Tunic Returns

Link wearing the Champion's Leather armor in the TOTK trailer

Defense: 5 (Single Item)
Effect: None

For those that loved Breath of the Wild (and if you’re playing TOTK – chances are you did) Link’s blue tunic has likely become a favorite of yours.

You’ll therefore be happy to hear that the BOTW tunic is attainable in Tears of the Kingdom under the name: Champion’s Leathers.

The Armor has even seen some upgrades, such as a new leather shoulder guard, but it’s unmistakably the tunic we know and love. You can discover the Champion’s Leathers right near the start of the game:

Fierce Deity Armor – Best Armor Set for Majora’s Mask Fans

How to Get the Fierce Deity Armor in Zelda TOTK (No Amiibo Method)

Defense: 9 (3 per item)
Effect: Attack Up

Majora’s Mask fans will remember the power of the Fierce Deity Mask, which transforms Link into a powerful warrior.

This form has long been one of the most iconic looks in The Legend of Zelda history and we can re-live it by finding not only the Mask, but also the full Fierce Deity Armor Set in TOTK!

The Fierce Deity Armor Set can be unlocked instantly for anyone that has the Majora’s Mask Link amiibo. Thankfully, there’s a way to unlock it in-game too!

What’s more, once you’ve got all 3 pieces of the Fierce Deity Armor, you’ll even be able to claim the tremendously powerful Fierce Deity Sword!

Glide Suit Armor – Must-Have Wingsuit for Exploration

How to Get the Glide Suit in Zelda TOTK

Defense: 6 (2 per item)
Effect: Skydive Mobility Up

The Glide Suit is truly a must-have item in Tears of the Kingdom, especially if you’re still exploring the game’s map.

Don’t expect a huge Defense but this armor has an effect that makes it one of the best in the game.

By amassing all three pieces, you’ll be able to boost your maneuverability in the air massively – moving around without a paraglider! Do yourself a favor and get this armor ASAP – you won’t regret it.

Miner’s Armor – Best Armor Set for The Depths in TOTK

The Miner's Armor Set in TOTK

Defense: 9 (3 per item)
Effect: Glow

When you’re exploring The Depths, the underground world of Tears of the Kingdom, you’ll constantly need to light up your path.

That is unless you’re wearing the Miner’s Armor which glows brightly in the darkness and leaves its wearer able to see in even the darkest of conditions.

All three pieces of Miner’s Armor are found in The Depths itself, so we’d recommend making a beeline for them before exploring the rest of the underground.

Stealth Armor – Avoid Any Enemy With Sheikah Style

Zelda TOTK How to Get the Stealth Armor Set For Cheap (Sheik Armor)

Defense: 6 (2 per item)
Effect: Stealth Up

If you’re a big fan of Sheik, Zelda’s alter-ego from Ocarina of Time, you’ll want to get your hands on the Stealth Armor. Giving you the appearance of Sheik, this Armor will make you far less likely to be spotted by enemies.

If you’re looking to avoid a fight, the Stealth Armor is undoubtedly your best bet in TOTK. And although this Armor is initially expensive, completing a side quest will drastically lower the cost.

Phantom Armor – One of TOTK’s Strongest Armor Sets

How to Get the Phantom Armor in Zelda TOTK

Defense: 24 (8 per item)
Effect: Attack Up

The Phantom Hourglass fans (or those who main Zelda in Smash Bros.) will be happy to see that the Phantom Armor makes an appearance in TOTK.

Put all its pieces together and Link will closely resemble the deadly Phantoms that made their debut in the Zelda Nintendo DS games.

Not only is this one of the highest base Defense sets in TOTK, it also boosts your Attack and looks amazing. What’s not to love?

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