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Best Armor for Each Class in Elden Ring

Elden Ring bosses will attack you relentlessly, so you need the best armor you can find to prepare yourself properly. Here are the best armor sets for each class!

In Elden Ring, you will constantly be encountering foes that can deliver one-shot blows with swiftness.

Sure, having the best weapons in Elden Ring will help, but if you don’t have armor that can protect you, you’ll be constantly worried about dying to any attack.

Thankfully there are plenty of armor sets in Elden Ring that can help with your character.

Some builds will need lighter armor to compensate for their incredible magical output.

Some builds require you to cover up every inch of your body with the heaviest iron to sustain close-quarter combat.

It all depends on your build and the class you started your adventure with.

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Elden Ring Best FAI INT Builds

Elden Ring: Best Armor Set Locations + Map

The best armor for your class not only protects you the best, but its history also stands alongside your original character.

So that you can look good, feel good, and protect yourself while becoming the Elden Lord of the Lands Between.

These are the best armor sets you can find for every class in Elden Ring.

Hero – Lionel’s Set


For a Hero that focuses themselves on Strength and Vigor, the Lionel Set is the perfect armor. It can take massive hits and keep your poise healthy for a counter-attack.

It is the armor of Lionel the Lionhearted, a hero that found Fia alone and declared himself her father.

Its exterior may seem a bit much, but it grows on you, and pretty soon, you’ll be entering your poses to be a part of Elden Bling.

Players will need to make sure they have plenty of points in Endurance since the total weight of the set is 50.7, one of the more heavy armor sets in Elden Ring.

Players will be able to find Lionel’s Set in Leyndell, Royal Capital.

Elden Ring Lionel Set

Make your way to the Lower Capital Church, near the area with a second Roundtable Hold, and you’ll find the set inside a room on a bed.

Bandit – Black Knife Set

Elden Ring Black Knife

The Black Knife Set is the only right choice to continue your journey as a Bandit. A Black Knife Assassin is what a Bandit should strive to be.

Players will quickly notice that their footsteps become muffled when they wear the Black Knife Set. This means that appearing behind your enemies for a quick critical has never been simpler.

It’s also one of the most fantastic-looking armors in the game and one that can help you best the Elden Beast itself.

Players will be able to find the Black Knife Set in the secret area, the Consecrated Snowfield, which can only be entered by those who have found the Haligtree Secret Medallion.

Make your way to Ordina, Liturgical Town, and head to the back, where you will see some archways below. There will be a body there with the whole Black Knife Set.

And if you genuinely want to empower yourself with the Black Knife Assassin spirit, we recommend getting the Black Knife, one of the best weapons in all of Elden Ring.

Elden Ring Black Knife Set

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Astrologer – Lusat’s Set

Elden Ring Lusat Armor

To be an Astrologer means to be someone that stares at the cosmos often. What better way to showcase than to don the cosmos themselves on your head.

Well, with Lusat’s Set, you can almost do that. Lusat’s helm completely replaces your head and allows you to sport a giant blue glinstone that resembles a snake eye.

This set also boasts the highest magic negation in all of Elden Ring. This makes sense for the Astrologer since, as a master of Sorcery, you don’t want to be susceptible to it yourself.

Players will only be able to obtain Lusat’s Set after completing Sorceress Sellen’s quest and siding with her in the end. If players do not side with her, the armor set will be out of reach.

Once you have sided with her and seen the end of her quest, make your way to Caelid, where you initially found Master Lusat in the Sellia Hideaway.

Elden Ring Lusat Location

To complete his set, you can pick up one of the best staff in the game, Lusat’s Glinestone Staff.

Warrior – General Radahn Set

Radahn Armor Set

If you’ve been following the Elden Ring lore, you know there is no greater warrior than General Radahn himself.

Known now as Starscrouge Radahn, he battled Malenia in Caelid until he lost his mind to the Scarlet Rot. Even then, he continued to hold the stars above the Lands Between with the help of his gravity magic.

He had only learned Gravity Magic to help distribute his weight for his trusty steed, Leonard.

A true warrior, his armor set also draws inspiration from both of the Lands between past Elden Lords. Red hair from Radagon and lion symbolism in his armor from Godfrey.

Players will be able to withstand even the heaviest of attacks and maintain their poise with General Radahn’s Armor Set.

With a weight of 41.6, it will still allow for some mobility even if Endurance isn’t too high on your priorities.

To obtain General Radahn’s Armor Set, players must defeat Starscrouage Radahn.

Elden Ring Radahn

Once defeated, his armor set will be unlocked at Enia’s shop in the Roundtable Hold. Where you can purchase it for 36,000 Runes.

Here you will also be able to obtain one of the best greatswords in the game, the Starscrouage Greatsword, to truly complete your set.

Prisoner – Spellblade Armor Set

Spellblade Armor Set Elden Ring

The Spellblade Armor Set is one of the easiest to come by, but the story behind it might leave a bitter taste in your mouth.

The set comes from Sorcerer Rogier, and upon obtaining it due to his untimely death, you will learn that he held deep anger, regret, and fear inside him despite his detachment from life.

But as a Prisoner, you should be used to this. Elden Ring is no stranger to dark storylines, but even Sorcerer Rogier stands out.

The Spellblade Armor Set will increase your Frost and Magic weapon skills by 8% when wearing the complete set.

This means it functions great with the Frost Mage Build. It will also have you looking like a true aristocrat on the field. A fantastic upgrade from your prisoner garments.

Players will be able to obtain the Spellblade Armor Set by advancing Sorcerer Rogier’s questline or talking to Ranni and initiating her quest.

Once either of these is done, simply talk to Sorcerer Rogier any time you are in the Roundtable Hold. Eventually, he will be gone, and only a letter will be left alongside the armor set and his bell bearing.

Confessor – All-Knowing Set

Elden Ring All Knowing Set

The Confessor class is about knowing how to use powerful Incantations while being able to defend yourself with a weapon at close quarters as well.

It seemed only fitting that you upgrade to the All-Knowing Set, which promotes the power of knowledge.

The All-Knowing Set is a robust set of armor that can protect you while remaining light enough to allow you to escape some more deadly situations.

Players will be able to find the All-Knowing Set after defeating Sir Gideon Ofnir, the All-Knowing in Leyndell, Capital of Ash.

Elden Ring All Knowing Set

Players will only be able to access this area after defeating Maliketh, the Black Blade in the Crumbling Farum Azula.

Vagabond – Hoslow’s Set

Elden Ring Hoslows Set

The Vagabond is probably the most versatile class in Elden Ring for melee builds since it starts with a decent amount of DEX and STR.

It also represents an exiled knight that wanders. This is why using Hoslow’s Set almost feels poetic. Since you get the armor set from Juno Hoslow, the older brother of Diallos, who happens to be a roaming knight looking for purpose.

The set itself looks incredibly sleek and is pretty light. This help builds that want to have some maneuverability while also maintaining their Strength.

Players will be able to find the Hoswlow’s Set in the Mountaintop of the Giants after they initiate the Volcano Manor questline.

Elden Ring Hoslows Set

Simply advance the quest until they ask you to fight Juno Hoslow. Defeat him, and you will receive the complete Hoslow Set and the fantastic bleed weapon, Hoslow’s Petal Whip.

Prophet – Perceptor’s Set

Elden Ring Perceptor Set

The Perfceptor’s Set is great for the prophet because it allows players to increase their mind attribute. This will allow players who choose the prophet class to focus on incantations.

The Perceptor’s Set is what the puppet master, Seluvis wears around. He is one of Ranni’s followers.

The prophet also signifies someone that was ostracized for their prophecies. Similar to how players frown upon Seluvis for how he obtains his puppets.

Players will be able to find the Perceptor’s Set in Seluvis’ Rise after completing the Ranni questline.

Perceptors Elden Ring

Samurai – Ronin Armor Set

Elden Ring Ronin Set

As a Samurai from the Land of Reeds, it only makes sense to don the Iron Kasa from the Ronin Set inspired by similar helms from the Land of Reeds.

The Ronin Set is great for high DEX players looking to wield a katana.

Players will be able to find the Ronin Armor Set after completing the Bloodyfinger Hunter Yura quest.

Once the quest is complete, players will need to make their way to the Mountaintop of the Giants and defeat Shabiri. After defeating them, the whole Ronin Armor Set will drop.

Elden RIng Ronin Set

Wretch – Elden Lord Set

Elden Ring Elden Lord

Players that choose Wretch will start at level 1 with no armor and just a club. So frankly, any armor is excellent for a Wretch.

But what better story is there than someone who goes from a Wretch to an Elden Lord? This is why the Elden Lord Set seems like the best fit for this class.

But obtaining it will require players to make their way to Godfrey, the First Elden Lord, and defeat him in battle.

Once Godfrey is defeated, players will be able to buy his set from Enia in the Roundtable Hold for 60,000 Runes.

Elden Ring Elden Lord Set

Those are all the best armor sets that players will be able to find in Elden Ring for each specific class. They fit the story the class tells and can be used to go up against the likes of the Elden Beast.

But truly, the armor sets that you choose will depend on your playstyle. If you want lighter armor for an INT or FAI build, then the Black Knife Set, Spellblade Set, and Lusat’s Set will suit you.

For heavier STR builds, then Lionel’s Set, General Radahn’s Set, and the Elden Lord Set will suit you better.

DEX-oriented builds will find Hoslow’s Set and the Ronin Set to be the absolute best in the whole game.

And if you’ve found your perfect armor, then you might want to check some of our guides to help you complete your build:

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