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With the increase of Apex Legends weaponry also comes variety that introduces and encourages new play-styles and ways of engaging fights. There are several ways you can use weapons together to create a certain play-style that suits you and how you engage fights. So, here are the best Apex Legends Weapons across all playstyles.



EVA-8 Auto with Double Tap Trigger attachment. This one is simple; if you find an EVA-8 shotgun and also manage to obtain its Double Tap Trigger Attachment then you would have a very reliable short-range weapon.

The precision of a second shot could serve a very fatal fate to your enemies. You are only able to use this weapon in close range combat since, well, it is a shotgun. Having a mid-range rifle like an R-301 ensures that you will not get pinched by people holding off angles far away.


If you want to hold angles, in tight situations, like being pushed by the zone, then this would be for you. A Wingman with an extended heavy magazine and a scope that ensures accuracy would be the best option.

However, the Wingman is a high-powered revolver so missing a shot, especially in close-range combat can be detrimental. A Peacekeeper shotgun can also be used as a weapon to hold off angles.

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An R-99 automatic submachine gun is a weapon capable of taking down enemies rapidly with precision. Especially with an Epic Standard Stock and Legendary Barrel Stabilizer which almost completely eliminates recoil. Keep in mind that this is only used in mid-close range combat. The R-99 is incapable of hitting targets at far distances.


A good recommendation for this category would be the use of the G7 Scout which is classified as an assault rifle. However, players can use the gun as a sniper via adding a scope. The G7 Scout, especially paired with a Double Tap Trigger attachment, which, much like the EVA-8, ensures better accuracy.



Well… you really do not have an option here. You see, you can not chase down an enemy 400 meters away with a single-shot heavy sniper rifle. However, you can assist or cover your teammates pushing an enemy far away with heavy sniper rifles like these.

Now, of course, the best option would be the Kraber, but this gun is very rare to get hold of. So, people turn to use either a fully charged Sentinel or a Longbow DMR which assisting your teammates.


The same guns can be used for this category too but in different circumstances. This time, you can use the same guns, in the case of an enemy team pushing you. You can hinder their march forward by shooting lethal bullets pernicious to their success.

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