The AMR9 is an SMG with an impressive damage output and great range, making it a perfect choice for your loadout in MW3 Multiplayer.

Here’s the best AMR9 loadout in Modern Warfare 3, featuring attachments that improve ADS speed, movement speed, and recoil control:

AttachmentHow to Unlock
L4R Flash Hider (Muzzle)AMR9 Level 24
MK. 23 Reflector (Optic)MTZ-556 Level 2
TA Venom Stock (Stock)AMR9 Level 17
XTEN TX-12 Handstop (Underbarrel)AMR9 Level 13
Sakin ZX Grip (Rear Grip)AMR9 Level 2
Is this Loadout helpful?

This AMR9 build is perfect for close-quarters and even mid-range combat, as it increases the mobility of the gun and also decreases the gun’s kick.

This lets you move quickly around the map and make the most of the AMR9’s impressive range for an SMG!

Best AMR9 Loadout MW3

Best Secondary, Perks, Vest & Equipment for AMR9 Loadout

Because the AMR is an SMG that suits an aggressive playstyle, we will hone in on that with the Secondary Weapon, Perks, Vest, and Equipment.

This is the best loadout to maximize movement speed and allow you to flank enemies with the AMR9 in MW3:

Secondary WeaponRenetti
TacticalStun Grenade
LethalThrowing Knife
Field UpgardeMed Box
VestInfantry Vest
GlovesCommando Gloves
BootsCovert Sneakers
GearBone Conduction Headset
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