There are currently 26 different amiibo that you can use with Zelda: TOTK, so trying to identify the best ones can be difficult.

When you scan any of the applicable amiibo in Tears of the Kingdom, you earn a unique reward. While some give basic materials or weapons, there are specific amiibo that can unlock some truly impressive items.

Fortunately, we’ve broken down the best amiibo for TOTK, so you don’t have to go out and buy all 26!

What Are the Best Amiibo For Zelda: TOTK?

The best amiibo you can use in Tears of the Kingdom are:

the Link's Awakening, Skyward Sword, Super Smash Bros. and Majora's Mask amiibo

Each amiibo unlocks several unique rewards, including armor sets, weapons, and fabrics for your paraglider.

These four are the best because the armor sets they unlock are based on iconic looks from across the Legend of Zelda franchise, and some of the weapons they give you are the most powerful you can get from any amiibo.

Additionally, the Super Smash Bros. Link/Twilight Princess Link unlocks the legendary Epona, who cannot be gained by any other means in TOTK.

Below we’ve outlined every reward you can get from these four amiibo and what makes them the most worthwhile for TOTK.

The rewards you unlock by scanning the Majora’s Mask Link amiibo in TOTK are:

  • Majora’s Mask Fabric
  • Fierce Deity Armor
  • Fierce Deity Sword
  • Knight’s Broadsword
  • Mushrooms
The Fierce Deity armor set from TOTK

The Fierce Deity Sword is one of the most powerful weapons in the game with a base power of 38. Unlocking this from the get-go will give you a significant advantage.

Additionally, the Fierce Deity Armor has an Attack Up set bonus, increasing your overall attack. It also gives Link the iconic white hair, white eye look from Majora’s Mask.

The rewards you get from the Super Smash Bros. Link and Twilight Princess Link amiibo in TOTK are:

  • Epona (horse)
  • Twilight Armor
  • Mirror of Twilight Fabric
  • Knight’s Broadsword
  • Soldier’s Shield
  • Arrows
  • Fruit
  • Vegetables
Epona from TOTK
Credit – Smarpy

Scanning either of these is the only way to unlock Epona, making them perhaps the most worthwhile of the available amiibo.

Additionally, while not particularly impressive from a stats point of view, the Twilight Armor gives Link his iconic green tunic look from the Twilight Princess game.

It is important to note that the Super Smash Bros. Link and Twilight Princess Link amiibo unlock the exact same rewards as one another.

However, if you scan one, the other won’t give you the same armor set or Epona unlock. So you do not need both and should pick the amiibo that you think looks the best.

The rewards you unlock from the Skyward Sword amiibo in TOTK are:

  • Sword-Spirit Fabric
  • Sky Armor
  • White Sword of the Sky
  • Knight’s Broadsword
  • Knight’s Shield
  • Soldier’s Shield
  • Wooden crates with materials
The Sky Armor set from TOTK
Credit – BeardBear

The Sky Armor you unlock through the Skyward Sword amiibo gives Link his iconic pointy green hat look from the original games.

Much like the Twilight Princess amiibo rewards, the Skyward Sword amiibo unlocks are less about stats and more about the nostalgic references.

The rewards you unlock by scanning the Link’s Awakening Link amiibo in TOTK are:

  • Egg Fabric
  • Awakening Armor
  • Soldier’s Broadsword
  • Arrows
  • Barrels with materials
The Awakening armor set from TOTK
Credit – Gaming With Abyss

The standout unlock with the Link’s Awakening amiibo is the Awakening Armor helmet. It looks like Link’s giant, cartoonish head from the recent Link’s Awakening remake.

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