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Best AK47 Class in Black Ops Cold War & Warzone

Using the best attachments to make the best AK47 loadout can make you an unstoppable force in multiplayer.

The AK47 holds a prolific spot in the Call of Duty arsenal of weapons, and this year, Black Ops Cold War is no different. With consistent damage and great range values, you'll be hard-pressed to find a more reliable assault rifle. 

Best AK47 Loadout & Attachments

The AK47 excels at short range, boasting the fastest time to kill in its class and manageable recoil. This weapon can easily overpower your enemies in its bare-bones state, but this attachment list will fix some of its downsides. 

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Best AK47 Class & Attachments Cold War

These are the best 5 attachments to use with the AK47 in Black Ops Cold War.

  • Muzzle: GRU Sound Suppressor 
  • Barrel: 20" Liberator 
  • Underbarrel: Spetnaz grip
  • Handle: GRU Elastic Grip
  • Stock: KGB Skeltetal Stock

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The Best Five Attachments To Use For The AK47

The AK47 has an impressive damage profile supplying consistent 4 shot kills up to 38 meters; this range is substantial. You can easily maneuver around the map and keep all your gunfights well within that range. 

However, one of the most significant downsides of the AK47 is the bullet velocity.

The AK47 has the lowest bullet velocity in the entire assault rifle class. An easy fix with the 20" Liberator Barrel giving a 100% boost to the bullet velocity.

The 20" liberator will also make our suppressor's downside tolerable. 

With the GRU suppressor, we automatically lose 25% of that bullet velocity we just gained.

I personally don't recommend using this suppressor without the help of a bullet velocity increasing attachments as it will make the AK47 have a wonky hitscan. 

The GRU Sound Suppressor will work double-time, keeping us off the radar and giving us a modest boost in vertical recoil.

Speaking of recoil, the AK47 has a pretty manageable recoil, with the overall magnitude not being as sporadic as the previous version. 

The recoil pattern is excellent when compared to past entries in the Call of Duty franchise (Modern Warfare).

On the other hand, that's not to say it's perfect; the recoil pattern does have a lot of side to side bounce or horizontal recoil. The Spetsnaz grip will fix that.

By significantly improving the horizontal recoil and decreasing our vertical recoil's overall magnitude by 10 percent. 

Next is the GRU Elastic Wrap and the KGB Skeletal Stock, both working double-time to give us the fastest handling possible. 

Even though this is an amazing overall set up, we simply can't ignore those sneaky snipers hiding in the sand dunes of Satellite. 

Best AK47 Class Warzone & Rebirth Island

The AK47 has a noticeable worst recoil pattern in Warzone when compared to Black Ops Cold War. However, that does not mean that it stops hitting like a truck, and here is how to set it up.

These are the best 5 AK47 attachments for Warzone.

  • Optic: Millstop Reflex
  • Muzzle: KGB Eliminator 
  • Barrel: 18.2" TakeDown 
  • Underbarrel: Spetnaz Grip
  • Handle: Serpent Wrap
Best AK-47 Class Setup For Warzone & Rebirth Island.

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Millstop Reflex

The AK47 does have open iron sights instead of aperture iron sights like the ones found in the XM4 and DMR 14. 

With that being said, this class setup is meant to challenge people at mid-range. Therefore, a red dot optic offering a bit more precision is required.

Whatever red dot you decide to go with will work; however, we will be going with the Millstop Relex as it offers no zoom compared to the other ones.

KGB Eliminator

Our next attachment is a controversial one, the KGB Eliminator.

This attachment does offer 85% muzzle flash concealment allowing our radar signature to disappear after a few short milliseconds.

For this class set up, it is crucial that we keep moving and keep our position fluid.

However, the reason why we are opting out for the KGB Eliminator instead of a suppressor is because of its vertical recoil control boost of 17%.

Meanwhile, reducing our shooting movement speed by 10% and increasing our horizontal recoil control by 10% as well.

Spetsnaz Grip

To improve the AK-47's substantial recoil is the Spetnaz Grip for the same reason listed above. 

Keeping this weapon's recoil down is the most important part of this loadout as it determines whether you can land your shots and secure the kill or not.

18.2" Takedown

For our next attachment, we are going to be using the 18.2 Takedown barrel.

Increasing our damage range by an incredible 150% form the base 28.5 meters all the way up to 85.7 meters. 

Allowing us to keep our consistent 5 shot kill range all the way out to extreme ranges. This barrel makes the AK-47 one of the most consistent weapons in the entire Warzone experience. 

Serpent Wrap

For our last attachment, we will be using the Serpent Wrap. 

The Serpent Wrap will increase our aim down sight speed by 25%, allowing us to bring the gun up faster for quicker target acquisition. 

However, this handle attachment will also hurt our sprint to fire time by 10%, from 400ms all the way up to 439ms.

Wrap Up:  

This AK-47 sits at an extremely complicated spot within the Warzone meta.

Its damage profile and fire rate make it one of the fastest killing weapons in all of Warzone. 

However, the recoil pattern holds it back.

This loadout, even though it is controversial due to the lack of a suppressor, is an absolute mid-range beast.

The KGB Eliminator is crucial to keep the muzzle down; all that stopping power would go to waste otherwise. 


There you have it; the AK-47 in two very different flavours. 

One, for Black Ops Cold War multiplayer and the other a taboo class set up fo the ever so popular Warzone experience.  

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