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Best AK-74U Class in Black Ops Cold War & Warzone

Using the right attachments to make the best Cold War AK-74u class can shred your enemies at close range.

The AK-74u sits in a weird spot among the Call of Duty community, loved as it is hated, and we are no different. We love to use it; we hate to die to do it. 

The AK-74u was introduced into the franchise back in Call of Duty: 4 (Modern Warfare). 

Best AK-74u Class (Loadout & Attachments) in Black Ops Cold War

The name AK-74u has stood for two things: reliable firepower at a fast fire rate, at least that's what every description of this gun has said throughout the years within Call of Duty's create a class. 

This time is no different.

What the AK-74u name means is close quarters combat to medium range dominance. There is very little that compares to this Russian compact powerhouse. 

Now the AK-74u plays a bit of a different role this year, boasting the best bullet velocity in its class coupled with a substantial stopping power. These two making the AK-74u is the closest submachine gun to a full-fleshed assault rifle, sharing key points in its DNA.

Since we feel that the AK-74u is more of a short-ranged assault rifle rather than a submachine gun, we have two excellent class set up for you. 

The first one will stretch it for assault rifle like gameplay, and the second one will compact it to something that's more in line with its submachine guns brethren. 

Best AK-74u Class in Cold War

The following 5 attachments will give you the best AK-74U in Black Ops Cold War. This class is for aggressive, close quarters combat, wet work only. 

  • Muzzle: GRU Suppressor 
  • Body: GRU 5mw Laser Sight
  • Magazine: Jungle Style Mag
  • Handle: GRU Elastic Wrap 
  • Stock: No Stock

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Best Submachine Gun Class In Black Ops Cold War

With this class, we are going to play it close to the chest... well, our enemy's chest. For our first attachment, we are going to be using the GRU suppressor. Working double time by keeping us off the radar and on target. 

The GRU suppressor offers a 7% percent boost to our vertical recoil control keeping us on target during sustained fire. The GRU suppressor does come with one huge con, and that is a massive 25% decreased to our effective damage range. 

We are planning this class set up to be used up close and personal, so that effective damage range decrease won't be as significant as it would be in other loadouts. 

For our next attachment, we are going to be using the GRU Elastic Wrap speeding our aim down sight time by 30%. It will also reduce the flinch whenever we get when shot.

For those of you who don know, Black Ops Cold War has a totally different flinch mechanic than we have seen in other Call of Duty's.

In the past, whenever the player would get shot, it will result in the point of aim going up, causing the person to be less accurate due to being thrown off target.

In early entries, how hard the enemies would hit you would determine how much flinch would be perceived. 

However, with last year's Modern Warfare, the amount of flinch perceived was determined by what type of gun was in your hands. The GRU Elastic Wrap will reduce the flinch by 90%, an amazing yet insignificant boost.

Something to note is that the submachine guns have the fastest aim down sight time of any fully automatic weapon in Black Ops Cold War.

Therefore we are not using the GRU Elastic Wrap to be faster per se, but to counteract the cons of our next attachment.

That being the GRU 5mw Laser Sight, letting us handle any threats that get too close for comfort. With its massive 36% boost to our hip-fire accuracy. 

The GRU 5mw Laser Sight does come with a minor hit to our aim down sight time but nothing to worry about, thanks to our GRU Elastic Wrap. 

For our next attachment, we will be using is the No Stock attachment. 

Improving our sprint to fire speed by 30% that way we can flank and push behind the enemy lines, with no threat to sudden that we won't be fast enough to react in time.

This will cost us a little less than half of our hip-fire accuracy gained from the GRU 5mw Laser Sight. 

We will be going for the Jungle Style mags for our last attachment, increasing our reload speed, allowing us to deal with multiple threats or unnecessarily reload after shooting just one bullet. 

This class set up its true to its strength and true to the roots of this "fan favorite" submachine gun. This class set up will help you be aggressive and get in the enemy's face. 

However, we can't forget that the AK-74u is just a stone throw away from its full assault rifle cousin, the AK47. With this next class set up, we will be taking the fight to the assault rifles, on their own turf. 

Best AK74U Class in Warzone & Rebirth Island

The following 5 attachments will give you the best AK74U in both standard Warzone & Rebirth Island.

The AK-74U has an amazing damage profile, and respectable bullet velocity when kitted out correctly. You can have a pocket AK-47 with better handling stats and a tighter recoil pattern. 

  • Optic: Quickdot LED
  • Muzzle: GRU Suppressor
  • Barrel: 9.3" VDV Reinforced 
  • Underbarrel: Spetnaz Grip
  • Magazine: VDV 50 RND Fast Mag

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GRU Suppressor

The first attachment on the list is the GRU Suppressor. 

This attachment will allow us to operate in silence as we will not show up on the minimap. It will also increase our damage range by 7.5%.

The GRU Suppressor will also increase our aim walking steadiness and increase our aim down sight speed.

Spetsnaz Grip 

Since we are kitting out this submachine gun for close to mid-range gunfights, we will be adding the Spetsnaz Grip.

The Spetsnaz Crip comes with a minor boost to our vertical recoil control by 6% and a massive 20% boost to horizontal recoil control. 

However, it comes with a massive hit to our shooting move speed by 30%. 

9.3" VDV Reinforced

For our next attachment, we will be going with the 9.3" VDV Reinforced Barrel, as it offers a handsome boost of 18% to our effective damage range. 

The 9.3" VDV Reinforced Barrel will also increase our bullet velocity from 500 meters per second all the way up to 900 meters per second. 

This barrel allows us to hit our targets further away and faster.

However, the 9.3" VDV Reinforced Barrel does come with a minor hit to our sprinting move speed and a substantial hit to our aim walking movements speed by 20%.

Quickdot LED 

The AK-74u has noticeably worst iron sights when compared to its big brother, the AK-47.

Therefore, we will be opting out for a simple red dot like the Quickdot LED. 

Offering no amount of zoom, allowing us to take this weapon into its element of CQB with no problem.  

If needed, we can challenge people at a range with the clear sight picture from this minimalistic red dot.

VDV 50 RND Fast Mag 

With the AK-74u dropping off to its second damage range after just a few short meters. Pumping more lead into the enemy is necessary. 

Therefore the 30 round mag is not enough, and we will switch it out for the VDV 50 RND Fast mag. Offering a bigger ammo pool. 

Taking our 30 round mag all way up to 50 rounds per mag. 

However, the VDV 50 RND Fast Mag will also increase our reload speed, allowing us to get a reload off under pressure.

This attachment does come with a 25% increase to our aim down sight time. Nevertheless, with this being a submachine gun, we are still faster than every other assault rifle we try to challenge. 

Wrap Up:

The AK-74u slipped through the cracks, unlike the AK47 that received a massive nerf to its recoil. 

The AK-74u with its AK-47 like damage output can go toe to toe with any assault rifle form close to mid-range, especially when using the VDV Reinforced Barrel.


There you have it; the best loadout for the AK74u for both Black Ops Cold war and Warzone. 

This compact but powerful submachine gun is ready to challenge anyone from close to mid-range. With its great damage profile and respectable fire rate, it can assure that you come out on top, every time. 

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