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Best 4K Monitor for PS5 and Xbox Series X

The PS5 and Xbox Series X are future-proofed by design, meaning 4K monitors are often a better choice than TVs. Many modern TVs still don’t offer the full spectrum of features that the next-gen consoles will support.

While we expect TVs will catch up in time, many gamers are turning their attention to PC monitors for their video game needs instead. This way, they can take advantage of the visual upgrades offered by the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

But which monitor should you choose, and which qualities make them desirable to gamers?

Desirable Qualities of 4K Monitors

4K resolution refers to the number of pixels displayed on the screen at one time. High definition is represented at 720p and 1080p. But 4K resolution features far more pixels and ranges from 2160p to 3840p.

But there’s more to gaming in 4K than just resolution. Games provide a constant stream of images or ‘frames’ each second, and the more frames they can render per second (fps), the better the picture.

The PS5 and Xbox Series X offer full 4K resolution but also allow for 60fps. Ideally, they will show up to 120fps in time.

For a monitor to handle this, it needs to have a refresh rate that can accommodate that number of frames per second. The refresh rate of a monitor will limit or enable how many frames are possible.

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On a monitor, this is called hz. Essentially a screen’s hz needs to match or exceed the amount of fps. So, for the best possible picture, we’d always recommend a 4K monitor that offers over 120fps to be fully future-proofed.

Today's best monitors offer up to 144 hz, which is more than enough to accommodate 120fps. Response time is also essential, but in this case it’s the lower the better.

Response time is how quickly a monitor shifts colors per frame. We’d recommend anything under four milliseconds per frame for the best results.

Best 4K Monitor Option

Therefore, we need to settle on a monitor that offers a balance between all of the above. We recommend the Asus ROG range, which provides a decent blend of each.

Its response rate is also only one millisecond, which is pretty incredible for a 144 hz monitor. Meaning it could easily handle the PS5 or Xbox Series X kicking out 4K resolution at 120fps.

Not only does this monitor function well as an everyday PC monitor, but it also ticks every box for high-end gaming too.

Asus ROG 4K

Best Extra Wide Option

One of the main disadvantages of using a monitor for console gaming is the lack of size. While monitors are cheaper and offer a more high-end visual experience, the average modern TV is usually larger.

Consoles tend to be on family TV screens, which range from 32 inches to over 80 inches. In contrast, standard computer monitors tend to range between 22 and around 30 inches. Anything larger is considered ‘extra wide.’

Extra-wide or even ultra-wide monitors can be as large as 64 inches, offering a viable alternative to modern TVs. With that in mind, we can only recommend the absolute beast that is the HP Omen x 65 Emperium.

This monitor is 64.5 inches in size. Not only is this monitor bigger than most modern 4K TVs, but it’s also over 144hz and offers a response rate of 4ms to boot.

Did we mention it’s also 64.5 inches in size!

HP Omen Emperium

Best Curved Monitor

Curved monitors are increasing in popularity and make for a particularly immersive gaming experience. They are similar to other monitors in terms of spec, but their curved shape gives them a fresh appeal.

The one that impresses us more than any other is the Samsung C49RG9 model. At 49 inches in width, this monitor curves all around the player and is quite the sight to behold.

It also ticks all the gaming boxes, featuring a lush 4K resolution with 120 hz and a refresh rate under 4ms. If you’re looking for a blend of high-end, size, and immersion, then this is the monitor for you.  

Samsung C49RG9

Best 1080p Option (None 4K)

We understand that not all gamers will be looking for a 4K monitor; instead, looking for a good quality model that offers HD at its very best. And for the best possible price.

4K monitors are far more expensive than non-4K monitors. Price alone is a significant influencer when it comes to shopping for anything new.

So with that in mind, we recommend the LG UltraGear Gaming Monitor. While not 4K, this 27-inch monitor still offers 144 hz and a 1ms response time.

It’s also under $300 in price. This makes it an excellent choice for those looking for a quality monitor without spending too much money.

LG UltraGear Gaming Monitor.

PS5 and Xbox Series X games will still look excellent on this monitor despite not being in 4K. For some gamers, frame rate is what matters most, and this monitor truly delivers in that respect.

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