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Behemoth CTF Removed From Halo Infinite Ranked Playlists

343 Industries has got rid of Behemoth CTF from ranked playlists and gave good reason why.

Halo Infinite hasn’t been without its issues but one thing is for sure, 343 Industries, have been good at communicating with the player base.

Updates to the game are coming quick and fast. And, while not all have had the intended effect, that communication gives players a clear idea of where the game is going.

One major grip has been the Behemoth CTF map and 343 Industries have now taken drastic measures to resolve the issue.

Behemoth CTF Cut From Ranked Playlists

Halo fans may be loving Cyber Showdown’s Attrition game mode but few have felt the same way about Behemoth.

Behemoth, as you might have gathered from the name, is the largest map in Halo Infinite’s ranked playlist.

Players consider the map frustrating though, with many taking issues at the seemingly random spawn points.

“We’ve seen enough data to show us that the map is not performing in ranked as intended. Most of this data revolves around spawning and effective cover around the map,” explained Halo Community Manager, John Junyszek in a recent blog post.

Behemoth CTF Halo Infinite
343 Industries

He goes on to explain that the map’s spawns, which offer direct sightlines to the flags, make for a more “frenetic… pace than desired.”

“This leaves players feeling that even a well-coordinated team push into the enemy base can fall apart quickly; resulting in flag pulls being much more difficult than they should be.”

The BR 75 assault rifle is also at fault. With the map lacking cover, the BR 75, which is deadly at range, is a constant threat.

All of this leads to players feeling that emerging victorious in Behemoth CTF is more down to luck than skill. A feeling that the developers clearly share.

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Will Behemoth CTF Return to Ranked Playlists?

It may not be the end for Behemoth CTF in ranked playlists.

Junyszek explains the team intends to make changes in an effort to improve the map. If successful, they “will consider adding it back into the ranked experience in the future.”

Some of the other major issues facing Halo Infinite were all mentioned, with fixes promised for the ongoing issues around Big Team Battle, which despite the developer’s attempts to repeated attempts to resolve, still isn’t playable.

In fact, the 24-player mode has been broken more than it has worked!

One point not covered was the game’s growing problem surrounding cheaters, while the developers say they are “committed” to resolving the issue, many are finding certain game modes “unplayable”,

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