If you’re hoping to beat out the competition, there are a few tips and tricks for beginners in MW2 that will help you to victory.

While Modern Warfare 2 can be a fairly casual first-person shooter compared to some hardcore games like Arma, there’s still a competitive element. Not only does winning help you level up, but it also feels good.

Best Tips to Win Multiplayer Matches in Modern Warfare 2

These are the top tips and tricks to help you win matches in Modern Warfare 2:

  • Make Sure You Have the Right Settings
  • Buy a Decent Headset
  • Try Different Guns
  • Level up as Quickly as Possible
  • Play the Objectives
  • Understand SBMM Will Affect Your Win Rate

We’re going to go more into detail about each of these tips for MW2 now, so you can start winning more games as soon as possible.

Make Sure You Have the Right Settings

Calibrating your game to suit your needs, as well as having the best settings, can make a world of difference.

Fortunately, we have guides for:

Settings themselves won’t help you win matches, but they’re a good first step to take to optimize.

Modern Warfare 2 Headquarters Game Mode

However, you can take this a step further to improve your experience, by reducing visual recoil and improving accuracy in MW2.

Buy a Decent Headset

Hearing footsteps, or having directional feedback on where gunshots come from can drastically improve your performance in Modern Warfare 2.

The latest Call of Duty game relies heavily on sound cues. Whether it’s the sound of firefights happening close by or the loud noise Dead Silence plays when it activates, you’ll be able to keep better track of these noises with a headset.

Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer

This may mean you need to spend some extra money on top of your copy of MW2. However, it’s certainly worth it.

Try Different Guns

There are plenty of guns and platforms in Modern Warfare 2. Trying them all out will help you see which ones you play better with.

Close shot of Soap in MW2 and Gun

It will also help you find your playstyle in the new Call of Duty game. Choosing the right weapon for an aggressive Rusher-type style is completely different from a weapon better suited for Sentinels who camp in locations.

You can further improve your favorite guns by unlocking attachments in Modern Warfare 2. It’s very different from previous COD games, so it’s worth finding out more about it.

Level up as Quickly as Possible

Reaching higher ranks as soon as possible in the Multiplayer portion of MW2 can wield some great rewards.

Some of the best base platforms for weapons, as well as perks and killstreaks, are locked away until you reach high levels.

Fortunately, we have a detailed guide on how to level up fast in Modern Warfare 2. This way, you can reach those ranks quickly, and prepare better loadouts.

Soap, Ghost and Farah in MW2 multiplayer behind truck

Play the Objectives

You’ll need to learn what the varying objectives are for each of the game modes in Modern Warfare 2. But you can only win if you take part with the team, regardless of how many kills or assists you get.

There’s a shocking amount of players who don’t focus on playing objectives in any of MW2’s different modes.

Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer

Understand SBMM Will Affect Your Win Rate

Skill-based matchmaking means that as you earn more wins and reach a higher K/D ratio, you’ll meet more difficult matches.

This can feel like a roadblock, where you’ve gone back to the start. But don’t worry, this is the game giving you more challenging opponents, which is a learning mechanic in its own right.

You can find out more about SBMM in MW2, as well as how it works and what it really is in more detail than in this guide.

Ground War Game Mode in Modern Warfare 2

Hopefully, with all of these tips for MW2, you’ll start performing better in your future matches!