UPDATE: EA’s Job Listings and Turning Tides DLC Hints at Battlefield 2018 Setting

UPDATE - EA's Job Listings and Turning Tides DLC Hints at Battlefield 2018 Setting

Following EA’s pattern from previous years, it’s no surprise that Battlefield 2018 will be taking place and with the game being confirmed almost over three months ago we’re starting to receive the first bits of intel regarding the Battlefield 2018 Setting! In our latest Battlefield 2018 article we predicted for the game to be set in either Vietnam or WW2 and with EA’s Job Listings and the Battlefield 1 Turning Tides DLC revealed, we may have discovered a closer look at what to expect!

Battlefield 2018 Setting

According to ‘OneAngryGamer.net‘, many of the requirements for a job with Battlefield at EA include: deep progression, customisation, itemization and rewards. Although the site states that this information should be handled with a grain of salt this could likely hint at what EA are trying to find for Battlefield 2018.

The Battlefield 1 Turning Tides DLC comes ashore December 2017 and one of the main features arriving is the six new weapons!

  • C96 Trench pistol conversion
  • M1912P16 automatic pistol
  • Farquhar-Hill rifle
  • Browning 1917 machine gun
  • Carcano rifle
  • Type 38 Arisaka rifle

Once again, according to OneAngryGamer.net these also play a huge part in what to expect for 2018.

EA still have one more dlc called ‘Apocalypse’ to add to the lineup after Turning Tides so it’s likely Battlefield 2018 will be revealed after. Also with the number of new features and changes being added into Battlefield 1 it’s fair to say that EA are working very hard into their current game so that also concludes the fact that the game is still in early development.

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