NEWS: New Teaser Confirms WW2 Setting For Battlefield V

New Teaser Confirms WW2 Setting For Battlefield V

With the Battlefield V reveal just days away there is still one question on everyone’s mind, when will the game be set? A new teaser sent from the official Battlefield Twitter account may have revealed just that.

While the teaser is short it confirms quite a few things about the upcoming Battlefield title, including that all-important question of when the new game will be set.

The teaser itself is nothing more than a brief clip of a character shushing someone, presumably halfway through some sort of stylish yet stealthy melee assassination. But through this clip, we can tell that the game will be taking place in World War 2.

The top portion of the video shows off the UI of the upcoming game, and as is customary in Battlefield titles it shows off the flags of the two sides fighting next to the scores. On one side is the flag of Great Britain, and on the other is the emblem of the Wehrmacht.

The Wehrmacht, or Defence Force, was the unified armed forces of Nazi Germany between 1935 and 1946 and were signified by a straight-armed beam cross. This is exactly the logo used in the Battlefield V trailer, and so we can surmise that World War 2 is when the game will be taking place.

While it might seem like a rather obvious setting, what with the last game in the series being set in World War 1, the naming of this next Battlefield game had many confused. Battlefield 1 was released in 2016, named such because of its setting. Some were expecting the next Battlefield game to be set in modern times, or slightly in the future because it was named Battlefield V, implying continuation from Battlefield 4.

The World War 2 setting is not all we can take from this teaser, however. From the UI we can also tell that the games classic Conquest game mode will make an expected return.

The game itself will be revealed on the 23rd of May, find out how to watch it here!


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