How to Heal and Revive in Battlefield 5

How to Heal and Revive Battlefield 5 Gaming INTEL

Battlefield V has some important changes compared with previous Battlefield games. A particularly important change which makes a big difference to gameplay is how to heal in Battlefield V and how to revive. Getting your health back to 100% is very important when under fire, as is reviving your squad mates. Let’s go through the key changes for Battlefield 5.

Battlefield 5 Heal & Revive Changes

  • Health only automatically regenerates a limited amount to a state in which you are no longer critical, it will not regenerate completely back to 100. Players now have to seek out and interact with new ways to heal for a full bar of health in Battlefield 5.
  • All squad mates can now revive each other with the new Buddy Revive feature.
  • The limited automatic health generation also takes longer to kick in than previous Battlefield titles, getting out of fire immediately is now more important than ever.
  • Playing as the light infantry role in the assault class will increase the limit you automatically regenerate health to.

How to heal in Battlefield 5

  • Apply a bandage pouch which you spawn with. The apply key is listed at the bottom of your screen when you have taken damage.
  • Bandage pouches can be resupplied from medics throwing you one, medical crates or medical resupply stations. Supply drops can also be used to gain medical supplies as well.
  • Find a medical crate and use your platforms interaction button (shown on screen).
  • Find your nearest medical resupply station (shown on your mini-map). Make sure you use the interaction button listed on your screen to start healing up.
  • Remember you can call out for medical supplies with your in-game commands / requests.

How to Revive in Battlefield V / 5

  • A new option is the Buddy Revive. This is in addition to the original medic revive. Squad mates can now revive each other.
  • The standard Medic class can revive squad mates as well as players outside their squad.
  • The time taken to Buddy Revive takes longer than a Medic Revive.
  • As a Medic or even for the Buddy Revive it is important you use the spotting button to mark down friendly players, this lets them know you’re on your way to revive them and they’re less likely to hold the skip revive button.

When you are put down in Battlefield 5 you will be displayed a ‘down but not out’ screen, you then have the choice to hold a button to ‘call for help’ or hold to ‘skip revive’, skipping the revive will confirm your death and allow you to respawn elsewhere. It is worth skipping if no squad mates or medics have the chance to revive you.

Battlefield 5 Health Items and Equipment

  • Medical Crate – These are available to Medics and can be deployed for a fixed healing position for squads to health up. These Medical Crates can be destroyed so it’s important to place them strategically or build around them for protection. Players are required to interact to receive a medical pouch from it.
  • Medical Pouch – These are for single use and taking any damage whilst using it will cancel the heal. Non-medics can picks these up from Medics throwing them or from certain dead players.
  • Syringe – Carried by Medics at all times and is used to revive players. This does not take up a gadget slot. It is quicker when Medics are helping squad mates with the Buddy Revive but is slower than previous titles.

These changes in healing your health and reviving are widely considered to be a progression to more ‘realistic’ gameplay. Battle Royale players are familiar with these sorts of mechanics and no doubt will help shape the mechanics for the Battlefield 5 Battle Royale version known as ‘Firestorm’ coming in 2019.


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