Here’s Where You Can Watch the Battlefield V Reveal Livestream

Where to watch Battlefield V Reveal Livestream

We are only a few days away from the worldwide Battlefield V livestream. On the 23rd May, we shall all be able to view this momentous unveiling. As we have been discussing previously here at GamingINTEL, Dice and EA have promised us that the Battlefield will “Never be the same again”! Despite our speculations as to what this would mean, we will have to wait for the full live Battlefield V reveal for further details.

Battlefield V reveal

Where to watch the Battlefield V Reveal Livestream

It has been published that throughout this Battlefield V reveal, there will be a run down from the development team. This will most likely range from them discussing their reasoning for choices made in-game and also extend to their vision and hope for the game. Of course, a vision is one thing, but a game of this calibre is moulded and shaped by the gamers and community upon release.

The actual event on the 23rd of May is being hosted by none other than South African comedian, Trevor Noah. The exact time of this starting will be 1 PM PDT/4 PM EDT/10 PM CEST.

Places to view the Battlefield V reveal:

  • Battlefields own Youtube Channel – Perfect for those of us who live on YouTube. On the 23rd May this will likely be one of the main live streams on YouTube’s home pages.
  • – An embedded livestream will be pinned to the main page on Battlefield’s official website
  • Twitch – On Battlefields twitch there will also be a livestream of the event, with the Battlefield V reveal also being a featured event on the site
  • – Another growing live-streaming service, Mixer is becoming a large competitor to Twitch and YouTube. Another stream will be broadcast from Battlefield’s official Mixer Channel. Boasting a clean interface and simple navigation, Mixer is a great way to watch the Battlefield V reveal.

Also, stay tuned for a detailed breakdown and analysis of the Battlefield V reveal. We will be looking at what the development team have proposed, key features from the livestream. In addition to this, there will be a thorough dissection of any trailers or videos that may appear on Battlefield’s Youtube channel after the event.


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