Battlefield 5 Firestorm Tips & Tricks

Battlefield 5 Firestorm Tips & Tricks

While Battlefield’s first battle royale named “Firestorm” was only released on March 25, you are probably unaware of various tips and tricks on how to be more successful in Battlefield 5 Firestorm. We’ve compiled a list to give you a headstart over your opponents.

How to Get More Wins in Battlefield V Firestorm

How to Revive in Firestorm

The first one is regarding reviving your teammates in squad play. This involves the healing syringe and enables you to revive your teammate instantly which can be great for pressure situations. This is done by clicking up on your d-pad to hold the syringe, going upto your downed teammate and you’ll be prompted to use it.

Firestorm Weapons Guide

It’s important to know the different levels of weapons that you can pick up. Each weapon will be either level one, two or three and these are represented by the number of arrows you’ll see by the gun. Level one is green, level two is blue and level 3 is pink. You’ll have greater success with a level three gun, although they’re difficult to find.

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Firestorm Objectives and Re-Supply Points

In each game there are three objective points which are A, B and C. You can capture these objectives and they’ll re-supply you or your squad, which is handy if you’re lacking loot. These usually provide high level loot, including level three armor and guns. The objectives can popular at times, so you may not be alone.

Battlefield V Firestorm

Firestorm Armor and Plates

There are three levels of armor and you’ll need to hold ‘X’ over it to apply it. Again, armor is difficult to find, especially level three, but this is more common at re-supply points after capturing objectives. You can also pick up armor plates and you’ll need to use these to replace damaged ones. This is done by using the d-pad to select them and then clicking the right trigger.

Firestorm High Tier Loot Locations

Level three loot is obviously desired by players, although this can be difficult to find. There are some locations that will give you more chance of finding this tier three loot, however. Usually the best loot appears in the more competitive locations and you can see these in more detail with our Battlefield 5 Firestorm best loot locations.

Making the Best Use of Mines

You can use AT mines (anti-tank mines) at choke points or where tanks are likely to go past. This is one of the few ways that you can combat tanks but can be very lucrative if a squad is inside.

Battlefield 5 Firestorm V1 Rocket

Firestorm V1 Rocket

The V1 rocket is probably the most deadly strike you can do in-game. This is probably best used on an opponent squad if they are close together or if they are in a house. It’s done by shooting a level three flare gun (best found at re-supply points) at the point you want the rocket to come down. You’ll need to be a distance away, as it obliterates anything in the vicinity.

These Battlefield 5 Firestorm tips and tricks should come in handy during a game, as a few are suprisingly unknown. Have you had success with these or are there any others?


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