Battlefield 5 Firestorm Map + Gameplay Leaked

Battlefield V Firestorm

It appears as though the Battlefield 5 Firestorm map and gameplay has been leaked, following a recent post on the official subreddit.

The leak seems to have surfaced via the Battle Royale mode’s tutorial. If this leak is legitimate, then we can certainly expect an official announcement via EA DICE to be just around the corner.

Battlefield V Firestorm Map Size

Following an alleged leaked tutorial, players can receive an in-depth look at the Battlefield 5 Firestorm map prior to its release.

Battlefield V Firestorm Map Size

Judging by the image, the game mode’s map will feature a host of locations, many of which entirely new to the franchise. In addition, it appears players will able to embark each game via parachuting out of an airplane.

Regarding the Battlefield 5 Firestorm map size, it has been confirmed to be 10 times larger than Hamada. Hamada was a large map in itself, and although we cannot directly compare with other Battle Royale games such as Fortnite or Apex Legends, we expect this to be at least as big.

One thing that has been confirmed prior to this leak, however, is how the danger zone will play out. The circle will, in fact, be a ring of fire.

Map Names/Locations:

These are the map place names we could make out from the trailer. Please note some were blurry and obscured by the circle. Also, the top and right side of the Firestorm Map had been clouded over, whether this is permanent or temporary is unknown. 

  • Arctic Lake
  • Halvoy Dam
  • Guderos Wharf
  • Friggatino Train Yard
  • Baldr’s Point
  • Nannahavn Town
  • Hansen Farms
  • Miner War Docks
  • Odenberg Depot
  • Halvdeber Village
  • Plu— Dig Site AI

Battlefield 5 Firestorm Gameplay Leaked

The video appears to showcase gameplay of the upcoming addition to the Battlefield franchise. If the video is anything to go by, then we can breakdown an array of details regarding what the upcoming installment will include.


These are not confirmed, although from we can retrieve so far, it appears as though these will be making an appearance in the upcoming all-new addition to the game.

  • Ju-52 – One aerial transportation vehicle featured within the video seems to feature connotations to the Ju-52, which was German transport aircraft manufactured from 1931 to 1952.

Battlefield V Firestorm Vehicles

  • Flettner Fl 282 – It seems as if the Flettner Fl 282 will be coming to Battlefield V, following footage of a new Helicopter being showcased.

Alongside the variety of leaked vehicles, EA DICE has actually confirmed some of what players will be making their way around the map in. In addition to a wide range of aerial transportation, players will also be able to travel around with a host of ground vehicles, one of which being tanks.

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Battlefield V Weapon/Loot Rarities

In Battlefield V, there will be three different rarities – Common, Rare, and Epic. Of course, Epic weaponry will feature a host of advantages. For examples, scopes, extended magazines, and a variety of other attachments.

Other Details

After taking an in-depth look at the alleged tutorial video, it appears as though we can grab an array of other details.

  • BF5 Firestorm will feature a variety of modes for players to participate in. Hardcore Battle Royale players will be familiar with many of these, however. The leak confirms that the traditional Solo, Duo, and Squads will launch in the Firestorm.
  • The rarity of loot will depend on where you decide to land, some landmarks may be a little more competitive than others, however, so you’ll need to choose carefully.
  • Objective and safes are scattered around the map, acquiring them gives you access to reinforcements, rare loot, and epic combat vehicles.
  • The iconic anti-vehicle weaponry and gadgets will be making a return. Players who are familiar with traditional BF5 gameplay will have no problem using these to counter their opposition.
  • Each weapon class uses its own ammunition. As with all other Battle Royale games, you can only carry a limited amount. Therefore, you may want to carefully consider which gunfights you’re jumping into.
  • Players will be limited to how much they can carry. To increase your maximum storage, however, you’ll be able to acquire a backpack.
  • Once down, you are NOT non-existant. You’ll still have the ability to fire your sidearm or be revived. Once you bleed out, there are no second chances.
  • There are no class-specific benefits.

PLEASE NOTE: As with all leaks and rumors, until proven correct, we must remain skeptical and not get too far ahead of ourselves.

Official BF5 Firestorm Teaser

Earlier today, players also got another sneak peek of the upcoming game mode. While it might not have shown much, it did nonetheless give us all an insight into what to expect.

What are your thoughts on Firestorm so far? Are you excited to embark on an entirely new adventure, with the first ever Battle Royale mode in the Battlefield franchise?


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